Commercial Break: Ad wars - USA v Europe

Right then, let’s settle this once and for all – which continent is best at doing adverts? Is it the Yankee Doodle Americanos or is it the ooh la la bundeseuropeans?

Luckily there’s a cast-iron way of deciding as we present to you two ads for the new high-octane racing game Blur.

The first one hails from the US of America while the second one comes from France (warning: contains French speaking)

So then… which is best?


  • shiftybadger
    Lol I get it 'This video has been removed by the user.' France has given up.
  • Andy D.
    Ad now reinstated.
  • Alexis
    The USA one is brilliant. The French one is really amateurish and it goes on for too long. Not sure why the blue girl says "I am an eclair" halfway through. And they keep their clothes on. Gutted.
  • Rich
    No doubt in the UK we'll be shown the US version on the goggle box! :(
  • StickyJeans
    After jacking off to the French ad and then trying to fap to the US one (after an hour break), I must say that the US one is a lot better. I managed to fap for half hour without cumming, whereas I was done halfway through the French ad.
  • Mr G.
    Difficult to compare a US ad for computer games with a French ad for hookers. However after watching these ads I have sold my XBox and hired a hooker, so that must prove something...
  • ben
    the first one is already on the tv here, i've seen it.
  • Paul C.
    She doesn't say she's an eclair, you heathen, she says she's lightning. I Think the French ad would be quite popular in bradford.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I would like to see the baby making hole of those chicks. Thanks
  • Edna
    La lecture de ces commentaires ci-dessus, je me rappelle combien il est merveilleux d'être entouré par ces puissants individus sexués - tous des hommes, tout le temps, et non pas à tous les onanistes.

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