Commercial Break: A Storage Empire Is Born

This is Toby Jones. He’s got a lot of storage space and, because he’s drunk, you can have some of it for just $10.99 a month.

He’ll store anything – an old printer, some weed, even a bus. If you don’t believe it, try ringing the number on screen – he’s really real. If you don’t want to call him, you can find him "on them internets" at Jones Bigass Truck Rental & Storage.

Once again, he’ll store anything – tricycles, old videogames, cars, model trains, textbooks, antique silverware, antique anything. Call him - we did. He's really real.


  • Mike H.
    I have a shiv load of pick'n'mix, namely shrimps, will he store those for me?
  • SJT
  • why H.
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  • Commercial B.
    [...] few months ago, we gave you a peek into Toby Jones’ cheap but slightly ramshackle storage yard – for $10.99, he’ll let you store anything and he couldn’t give a toss what it [...]

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