Commercial Break: A rum do and no mistake

It’s easy for us to sit here in our underground bunker being all arsey about adverts, the slack-jawed idiots that create so many of them and the boneheaded clients that give them the nod of approval. That’s because so many of them are unimaginative nuggets of putrid shite. Needed saying.

Not this one though, from Australia and for Bundaberg Rum – where a group of sugar millers come to the aid of a stricken golfer and his crocodile obstacle. We want these men in our lives to help us solve all of our problems and when you’ve watched the ad, you might too. Or you might just fancy a few fingers of rum...


  • ElBuc
    Bundaberg Rum tastes like crocodile piss though. I'm sticking with my Woods thank you.
  • emute
    how often do you drink crocodile piss? which wood - 3 or 5 (surely not the 100 ;-)
  • Nobby
    He means he likes sucking Tiger's cock.
  • ElBuc
    You've all given me wood.
  • Stefan M.
    the choice drink of bogans. Bundy n'coke maaaaaaaate.

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