Commercial Break: A new low for humanity

The Snuggie is all well and good – hell, we’re all wearing them here in BW HQ right now, but the problem is that it’s a bit... well... blankety.

Perhaps THIS is what we need – the Forever Lazy. Just listen to that name – there’s no attempting to fool anybody at all with this garment. If you don’t ever want to get up out of your chair ever again, this is the one for you.

Essentially, it’s an adult romper suit. Sure, there’s probably ‘specialist’ websites where you can buy stuff like this, but it’s gone overground now. All this thing needs is a small flap where you can plug your catheter in and you’re sorted for life.

Human beings eh? Fucking load of old scum really when you think about it.


  • CJN
    I have told my kids if they ever get us this for Christmas, as we are old and nearly senile, I will cut them out of my will.
  • Nob
    So you have to undo a zip if you want a wank? This is one of the plus points of a slanket, just slip your hand in. That, and the bonus that there is a large absorbing surface area, so no need for tissues. Whereas this thing, you are always going to end up marking yoru territory in one area, causing embarrassing stains. Not so with a slanket, where you can change direction and change the location of the stain.
  • Jimmy8Bit
    I'm going to get one for my bald mate, to further continue the George Dawes style abuse he's suffered for the past 14 years or so.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] is showing no sign of abating. We’re already infested by the 21st century horror show that is the Forever Lazy adult romper suit, and now here comes the adult human bib. Yes… the [...]

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