Commercial Break - A Meer Mix Up

Everyone loves meerkats – fact. They were invented in the late 1980s, especially for the documentary Meerkats United, and they’ve never looked back since.

Given the almost universal love that we have for them (assuming you’ve never smelt one or been bitten by one of course) it’s a wonder that the cynical, lead-hearted gonks responsible for most of advertising haven’t used the furry little buggers to pedal more products to us in the past.

They’ve got it bang on with this one – Aleksander, the founder of urges insurance bargain hunters that they’re mistakenly looking at his site and should really be pointing and clicking at

Beautifully, does exist – and it’s much more fun to peruse than a load of old bollocks about excess amounts and how many crashes you've had in the last five years.


  • Bulldog
    Saw this for the first time last night on telly... really made me laugh... very clever piece of advertising!
  • Joff
    This definitely gets my award for best advert so far of 2009, assuming the Channel 4's food thingy with Heston on a Segway doesn't count. Simples.
  • Bob
    I still won't use though, moneysupermarket provides everything I need (I've cross referenced against uswitch and compare a few times).

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