Commercial Break: A leg-cocking toy dog. For real and everything...

24 August 2010

Early in the mornings, we like to keep our televisual viewing nice and simple – which is why we normally tune into Milkshake on Five. It’s also good now that pornographer Richard Desmond has bought the station and he’s got the Milkshake girls to dress like cheap hookers. Our favourites are Naomi and Jen.

Anyway, we say this ad for a pissing toy dog yesterday morning and we thought you might enjoy it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the English-language version, but there isn’t really anything lost in translation with this one...


  • The B.
    My missus used to be flat mates with Naomi and consequently I've met her once or twice, she's a stuck up uptight bitch (and allegedly is so religious that she's saving herself for "the one" (no, not Jet Li).
  • Wonkey H.
    I had to read the above comment three times before I could believe it, the first two I read saving as shaving.
  • Jonny S.
    Fuck this, I had to scroll down far too much to get to this story!

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