Commercial Break - A High Octane Ear Worm

As he prepares to try and not f**k up the Formula 1 championship again this Sunday, here’s an ad that may have inspired Lewis Hamilton to pick up a steering wheel for the first time back when he was a kid. If you’re any older than 25, then you’ll almost certainly remember this classic 1989 Milky Way advert.

Enjoy that? If you’re anything like us, you’ll soon be cursing your own brain as the song should now be lodged firmly in your mind and you’ll probably find yourself humming it at inopportune moments throughout the weekend.

Sorry. And go on Lewis lad.


  • Paul N.
    The sweet you can eat between meals!
  • Commercial B.
    [...] Way have revived their classic ‘red car and the blue car’ ad, possibly after we raved about it on this site a few months ago, and here’s another ad that hasn’t dated one jot since it was made back in the early [...]

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