Commercial Break: A Glass And A Half Of Weirdness

Here’s the latest Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad, without doubt the most unsettling to date. Two kids, lots of funky eyebrow action, and no mention of chocolate whatsoever. If there’s anything that might even make you think about chocolate, we don’t know what it is.

Unless it’s the fact that the kids look like a couple of rejected golden ticket winners from Willie Wonka’s factory tour. Creepy – but still way better than that last load of old bollocks with the toy trucks on the airport runway.

(Thanks to Bitterwallet reader SJT)


  • Joff
    Interesting and slightly creepy to watch, but doesn't make me want a slab of chocolate goodness. Someone at Fallon (those behind the campaign) must be pissing themselves with laughter knowing that someone at Cadbury's is stupid enough to keep signing off these ads. Incidentally, Fallon also do that "bring out the trumpets" thing for jelly babies or wine gums or whatever.
  • Badmanz
    To paraphrase another comment on one of todays articles; is BW now advert funded?
  • Paul N.
    When you can get paid for embedding youtube videos let us know. In the meantime no of course not.
  • Bob
    Maaaaan, I haven't heard that tune since the 80's, it was rigth up there with Mantronix' Needle to the Groove.
  • Bob
    Sorry, Forgot it was me, not Bob.
  • sam
    Are you kidding? This is one of the funniest and best adverts that has been on telly for AGES! I think someone must have removed your humour gland
  • juankerr
    "If there’s anything that might even make you think about chocolate, we don’t know what it is." The girls dress is Cadburys Blue.. subliminal advertising.
  • Juicy L.
    This ad is genius! Completely abstract with nothing to do with the product. The fact it's even mentioned on a website like this mean it's already done it's job. I've also seen an article about it in one of the national paps.
  • Ducky
    I love the "toy trucks" at the airport one. :-D
  • Andy
    "To paraphrase another comment on one of todays articles; is BW now advert funded?" Its about taking a look at the more interesting adverts, dumbass.
  • Matt
    What's the music called?
  • Andy D.
    It's Don't Stop The Rock by Freestyle
  • Cam
    To go back to an earlier post, it is illeagal to embed youtube content without the permission on the content owner. And to the bitter wallet editors that just spout out crap - just because you tube provide the embedding link, doesn't mean it is OK to do so. A number of the vidoes you have post in the past have been removed.
  • Chilliman
    Ridiculous advert, utter rubbish. It annoys the hell out of me when it comes on, I HAVE to change the channel!
  • M.Y.88
    must be high brow humour, downright weird nonetheless
  • Brott
    The 'Bring out the trumpets!' advert is just pure win, just had to comment on that cause that advert is pretty much one of the best on TV! Honestly..
  • Joff
    Brott - but what's the product advertised by trumpets? It might make you laugh, but I don't get it and I can't remember what the product is so that registers it as an epic fail in my book. I say book, it's just the back of yesterdays shopping list.
  • Anna
    OMG that little girl is very freaky.
  • Ash
    Who gives a sh*t if you 'get it' or not?! Its AWESOME! Better than that gay gorilla playing the drums....
  • Paul N.
    Cam - please report us to Cadburys for posting their youtube video. Somehow I doubt they are going to be calling the elite intarwebz polizei that you seem to think you are part of.
  • jen
    Wow that was amazing... I once thought I had impressively agile brows, but they definitely take the cake! I don't mind this kind of advertising... the less product shoved in my face the better.
  • Darren W.
    CAM - In response to that comment, Im sure Cadbury's, T-mobile arent going to offend letting Bitterwallet view an advert. As you mention just because the link is able to be embedded doesnt mean its right, I agree, but then Disagree, as its not exactly hard to find youtube!

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