Commercial Break: A frightening fiery warning from the past

Eeek! Someone hold us! Today’s ad is a vintage one straight out the gloom of the 1970s and is taken from a new DVD collection of public service information films called ‘Stop Look Listen’.

Designed to remind people to keep their kids away from matches, it is instead a 55-second nightmare trek through a burnt-out shell of a house, the kind that we used to see on every street all the time back then.

Kids with matches, chip pans, shitty electrics – if you’re house didn’t burn down to the ground at least twice a year in the 1970s you were either very lucky or posh. Now strap yourself in and pay heed to the dire warning in the ad...


  • jo
    wow this has perked up my day
  • a c.
    Don't even think of playing on a building site. You will drown / get crushed / be electrocuted.
  • jo
    or throwing your frisby onto an electricity pylon
  • A.Pedant
    Sorry to be a pedant but the misuse of your/you're really hacks me off: ...if you’re house didn’t burn down... This means "...if you are house didn't burn down..."
  • whoochec
    Have to admit this one about christmas tree fires scared the crap out of me:
  • Nobby
    @whoochec, it's completely burnt out in 48 seconds. If I am engrossed in a TV programme, I probably wouldn't even notice.
  • eddiex
    Great days,2 neighbours had a chip pan fire and one also had a electric blanket fire about six months later. What about the one where the old codger sets his chair alight with a fag after getting pissed after the Clydesdale horse running thing.

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