Commercial Break: A cheap bit of Hartlepool monkey business

Here’s an odd one – an advert that appears to have cost less to make than the actual product that it is plugging. And as the product itself is only £100, that’s some pretty good going.

It’s an ad for Hartlepool United’s season ticket offer, starring the club mascot H’Angus the monkey – based of course on the monkey that the town’s residents hung during World War I* after suspecting him to be a French spy.

Good to see that the people of Hartlepool have come so far since then...

*Actually, it was the Napoleonic Wars, but World War I sounded better.


  • H’Angus's b.
    So £100 in total? What did they spend the other £99.50 on? Anyway, seen worse & it gets their message across, so good luck to them.
  • The B.
    I have to say, he does look French, I think it's the moustache.

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