Commercial Break: A Bog Standard Ad For A Revolutionary Product

We all love the Velvet toilet tissue ads don’t we? You know, the one with the cute kid in the suit who is supposedly the company’s MD? Perhaps some of Britain’s failing business might consider employing toddlers as they attempt to save themselves from the foul crunch. They don't just think outside the box; sometimes they like to climb inside it and pretend it's a fort.

It was all so very different for Velvet back in the 1980s. No cute children or frolicking puppies, no siree. This was A Scientific Breakthrough and had to presented as such.

It comes across now as a cross between a public information film and a communist ad for the people’s bog roll. It’s nice on the bum though.


  • Disgrunt
    If i paid for this site i would be deeply disapointed. How about some original content? This blog looks embarrasing twinned with HUKD.
  • Alex
    Moan moan blah blah. I personally disagree - I've come to read this blog as a light break from work - the posts are amusing and well written. Ok, so maybe they're not always that relevant to HDUK, but that's all part of the attraction for me. Keep it up! :)
  • Disgrunt
    I'm not saying they are not relevent, it is a blog not a HUKD guide. This blog started off at a higher quality than what it has become.
  • Hmm
    Honestly though, this is just total utter randomness, what has it got to do with deals or the current affairs or anything for that matter? its an advert from like 30 years ago? so what? why this ad? why not the old fruit and nut advert? At least have a reason for randomly posting a article about toilet tissue?
  • andy y.
    It's a delightful parable of the past and current follies of business in the sad ways it tries to solicit our custom.It links well in with Paul's thoughtful piece yesterday? on the future of the high st in an age of product knowledge ubiquity. And it was amusing. In precis feck off
  • Robin
    Personally, I can't get enough of this blog. The wit is drier than a nun's snatch.
  • aaaachooo
    i like it
  • Joff
    If we're requesting old adverts, can we get the Cadbury's Caramel one with the female rabbit? Would.
  • Robovski
    Life's too short for shitty toilet paper.

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