Commercial Break: French art(ois) cinema inspired these modern hits

If you thought that Hollywood came up with all the best movie ideas, you’d be wrong. Most of the time they nick them from the thriving cinematic cultures of smaller countries – the ones that have to put subtitles on their films, thereby ensuring that 97% of the mouth-breathing masses won’t give a hooting toss about their celluloidular efforts. Enter Hollywood to bang out a quick, unsatisfying remake.

Now it seems that even TV is in on the thievery game. Did you know that ’24’ was originally a French film from the mid 1960s? It’s true, although the main man, Jacques Bauder, was a tad more laid back than Kiefer Sutherland’s high-octane Jack Bauer that we know and all want to be.

Hang on – here’s another one. Did Eminem really purloin the plot for ‘8 Mile’ from a 60s French movie about poets? Certainly looks that way…

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  • acecatcher3
    haha the funniest one i have seen was the bollywood version of was released in 1987 and its a blatent copy of the real superman. take a look at the picture....the lady looks like shes in a spiderman costume also lol!

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