Commercial Break: The Ali ads that don't all pack a punch

It’s 35 years ago today since the Rumble In The Jungle. when Muhammad Ali pulled off one of the most amazing displays in a world title fight, beating George Foreman in Zaire by nestling in the ropes and soaking up eight rounds of punishment from the champ before flooring him with a big left/right combination. Hurrah!

To commemorate the event, here’s a Commercial Break Ali triple-bill special. First, there’s a 1976 boxing game, where thankfully, the plastic fighters wear head-guards to protect against plastic brain damage.

Next comes Ali himself, shamelessly plugging D-Con roach killer, and the trilogy ends with a sorry ad for Ali-sponsored skipping ropes that come complete with the great man’s signature and a digital counter so you can see just how crap you are at skipping.

George Foreman went on to make grill pans. We’re not interested in showing any of those ads.

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  • Tiny S.
    Are these all by Apple?

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