Commercial Break: £100m To Man City? It's A Load Of Kaka

As football fans await more news on the frankly ridiculous mooted £100m deal that would bring Brazilian star Kaka to ahem, Manchester City, here’s an opportunity to see an ad from 2006 starring the great man.

He’s at his absolute best here. Check out the movement, the agility, the grace, the lederhosen.

The LEDERHOSEN?? Anyway, it looks like the deal’s off as Kaka has said he wants to “grow old at Milan.” They’ve probably renegotiated his contract and given him his own beer festival.


  • Andy
    i think if someone offered me £250k a week to grow old in manchester, i would take it.......but only after a lot of consideration! ;)
  • Will
    I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to turn into a ridiculously over paid, over hyped, boring cunt. Oh, he already is.
  • MB
    Strange, he says he doesn't need the money ... yet takes money for making himself look like a right cunt in ads like this.
  • Chris
    @ Andy and Will I'd gladly take the 250k per week regardless of where I was, or regardless of peoples opinions of me - Why the feck should he care? He's got more money than the rest of us can dream of! Granted. I think he's brilliant (not God, but brilliant nonetheless) and I certainly like him more than Ronaldo (twat?) but 250k per week for playing fecking football is ridiculous. 100k a week is ridiculous. Hell being paid any of those bloody salaries is too much in my opinion. But, to save sparking and international outcry, I shall try to hold my tongue. Feckin' footballers.

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