Commemorative royal wedding sick bags for all!

royal wedding sickbag

Not exactly thrilled at a blueblood sticking his dead mother's ring on the finger of the richest 'commoner' in Britain (footballers notwithstanding)?

Sure, we get a day off work which is all well and good... but there's a palpable sense of everyone being expected to be pleased about this wholly pointless event. That said, the slightly balding royal has managed to pick someone with cracking legs, which is more than can be said about Prince Charles' marriage to Rod Hull.

Anyway, if the whole thing fills you with a deep, stomach rotting nausea, you might be interested in these Royal wedding sick bags.

They're actually quite suave for a sick bag. Screen printed and designed by some scamp called Lydia Leith and shipping worldwide, these sarcastic paper bags will cost you £3 a pop and all orders will be guaranteed before 29th April.

Buy 'em here. Or, if you prefer, just buy a plain white plate and write "shower of cunts" on in black permanent marker. Entirely up to you.


  • Marky M.
    Oh don't be too hard on Prince William. I mean, he's appointed Prince Harry as his best man - jolly generous I thought, considering they're only half-brothers. But witness Leicester County Council, which has dropped the licence fee required to hold a street party on whatever-day-it-is. The licence used to be £200 but now – hurry! - it’s a snip at just £130. Plus VAT. This of course is in addition to our taxes paying for the fucking millionaire's wedding in the first place. So how many applications have been lodged in Leicestershire, one of England's largest counties? None. Zero. Not one.
  • Carl
    Everybody gets a day off? Working, as I do, in retail, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • The B.
    Ah look, an artist thinks they're being ironic, I find it more ironic that an artist has zero drawing/design skills.
  • LanceVance
    Fucking Royal wedding my arse!! I hear ya Carl, day off, no chance!
  • w
    Common sense prevails. I love it. Will there be a collection ofthe filled bags afterwards so that they can be presented to the happy couple?
  • Edd C.
    Hah! Brilliant :) @w: The better sort of 'surprise party bag' I think:)

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