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Look, if you think it's funny because of the death of Jimi Heselden, you've missed the point - and probably never watched CSI Miami. Yes, we're cynical bastards looking for the funny side in life but we think that extends to death too. You can read a serious obituary about Heselden's life here.



  • Matt
    *guilty laugh*
  • tfeb
    lol, I'm a Leeds lad and leeds fan but I also like CSi Miami and yes I did laugh. great post :)
  • PaulH
    Why does he put his glasses on when he's already wearing a pair?...YEAHHHHHH
  • Zeddy
    This isn't funny. I don't even like CSI. Can I have my money back now, please?
  • stuart
    Fucking hell! I read this just as Csi miami started, pissed myself laughing.
  • Phil
    @PaulH - He needs two pairs because he too cool for just one pair. Otherwise it might just be the comic is being ironic?
  • delrio
    pah, rubbish comic, his head is FAR too upright

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