Coming soon... the Bitterwallet podcast?

Thousands of you have been asking us when we’re going to get on board with the rest of the twenty first century and start a Bitterwallet podcast.

Well the good news is that, as this exclusive footage reveals, we’ve taken delivery of all of the necessary equipment and our inaugural podcast will be coming your way sooner or later…

[Unique Daily]


  • Amanda H.
    WTF IS DIS , you know the rest
  • Mr G.
    New spokesman outlining UKIP's manifesto, surely?
  • Warshi
    Can I just be the first to ask you *NOT* to produce a podcast?
  • Lumoruk
    that video is scary
  • Amanda H.
    Does it swallow?
  • Timmo
  • Robin
    That's what I hear when my girlfriend talks.

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