Come on, tell us the Worst Company In Britain

worst A few days ago, we launched our Worst UK Company of 2009 award, urging you to get your nominations in for the brands that have had you tearing your hair out over the past 12 months. So here's a reminder that we're still looking for your suggestions.

There’s countless reasons why you might nominate a company – rotten customer service, cack-headed pricing, shoddy packaging or delivery… maybe you just don’t like their logo.

Whoever it is who has got your goat, let us know (preferably telling us why as well) and we’ll cull the nominations down to a more manageable list shortly. Then, the voting will commence.

By the end of the year, we’ll have found a worthy successor to 2008’s winner, Setanta, who ‘tragically’ went tits-up a few months later.


  • raj
    Has to be T-Mobile!
  • Ash
    Halifax surely??
  • David
    United Utilities - monopoly status and dreadful customer service The Banks - all of them Three
  • craig
    microsoft,virgin media,
  • Andy
    Shame we can't just bitch about independent landlords :P
  • The B.
    Halifax, nPower and Orange are my nominations.
  • Lidds
    My vote would go to three
  • Jack
    Virgin Media by far. Always throttling my internet in non peak hours. Pay for 10MB and have seen it alot of the time at 1mb.
  • spunker
    You bunch of CUNTS The BitterWallet Team................ obviously :)
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Orange getting a lot of abuse on here lately... oh and BT from me. DSGi....
  • Monkey_Boy
    Can we say DSGi again? I'd like to add Hafilax and Virgin Credit Cards to that one. I've been screwed by both. Hafilax (sic) have honestly been terrible - overdrafts daily charge (which fortunately I don't use) plus their interest rates have dropped to zero - all on a high interest account. My Websaver has dropped to nothing too. And as for their credit card - they put the % up ridiculously so I unwittingly moved it to Virgin. Doh! At least I'm one of the luckier people on 19.9% APR. I've heard of people on 30+
  • Robert
    Does the Goverment count? Otherwise: Royal Mail, Dell, BT,,,, Littlewoods, Game, PC World & Tesco (I think that's most of the companys that hve p****d me off thuis year with crap products and/or crap customer service.
  • Monkey_Boy
    Oh one more I thought of. Xtreamer. Oh dear, oh dear. Product is OK except when it breaks. Their customer service is worse than Setantas! On a positive note, I have no problem with Three or Orange both of whom I deal with on a monthly basis (well OK, I have 3 recommendations from Three at the moment which is going to pay my 3G Card bill for the next 12 months)
  • adr0ck
    ticketmaster & seetickets get my vote which is the worst.........thats difficult......probably ticketmaster for robbing money from my bank account without my permission i evetually got the money back.......but not through their customer services department (if you can call it that) but by 'embarresing' ticketmaster on their facebook page into finally getting it sorted thats my recommendation for anyone having crap customer service from a company now - join their facebook page and embarres them into finally getting them to sort it out - worked for me
  • mufc72
    1. Orange (have rang 6 times in the last month and been told a completely different answer each time) 2. Barclays Bank (charges are appaling, they treat there customers like dog sh*t) 3. Scottish Power (thick as fu*k) 4. United Utilities (cheeky bar-stewards) 5. Royal Mail (cheeky money grabbers and delivery stuff only when they can be arsed) 6. Zavvi (pre-ordered a product which then went down in price but they still charge the higher price only) 7. The Hut (had 3 pre-orders recently, none despatched before release, one took a month to despatch) They're my worst ones, however I think you'll find that if you have a problem with any product etc, once you speak to a customer service person, they are all as bad as each other and dont often have a clue what you're talking about.
  • Amanda H.
  • SB
  • Duaine D.
    nPower - disgraceful customer service, incorrect metering/billing, 18 months to sort out HSBC - miscellaneous and unspecified charges RBS - likewise, any chance to screw you for a bit more
  • Mark M.
    First Plus - and not just because of Carol Vordeman. They are twats of the highest order
  • SpazTCat
    Expedia and NPower's customer service.
  • WBR
    Orange - Rubbish reception, hopeless website and sometime arrogant staff. Abbey - Hopeless beyond hopeless customer service. They don't knpw whether they are coming or going and totally mucked up a mortgage application delaying completion by months and nearly lost us the house. Royal Mail / CWU - Because they are causing most of us financial pain, including themselves. I wish I could get shares in Parcel2go, they must be laughing.
  • fuckcraftmatic
    déjà vu wasn't there post like this recently? Anyway I vote for craftmatic (again?!) because there a bunch of cunts who harass you relentlessly on a daily basis. They should fuck off and die.
  • Mike U.
    NPower, 30 mins holding for complaints dept and then they cut me off, all for an issue which they themselves have said is resoolved yet the fuckers still send the bailiffs round every month for an unpaid bill!!, complete morons. I've asked them to take me to court so that I can rub the letter in their face and embarass them completely
  • Lou C.
    is there even a point to this list if it's consumers voting? it's just going to be heaps of people voting for companies they personally have dealt with, and felt fucked over by. it'd be better if Bitter Wallet did some investigative journalism and tried to find an actual answer to this question, rather than allowing this to become a cluster-fuck of consumers bitching about the fact the polite Indian man at customer services can't spell their name correctly, even after several attempts at spelling it out.
  • Mark
    CWU. Their strike is hurting other people far more than they were ever going to be hurt by a 'modernisation' plan. I think I said Three on the previous post...
  • Craig
    I must go with BT on this one. I am 21, just moved out and BT sold me a pig. They told me the TV was the same as sky, only to find out I get next to no channels. The SPORTS PACKAGE is just highlights...which I could get on match of the day and they put hidden charges everywhere. Then my Internet bill came out of my account, with no letter before hand. It came out as £192.74. I have unlimited broadband. This was my rent money they took. This was because my usage was set as 0mb, somehow, so I was charged everytime I used my internet. I asked for the money back and they claim it is not possible, they can only add it to my bill as a credit. So I don't have an internet bill for a year. BT are thick.
  • Adrian
    B&Q - Specifically delivery and post sales. If you ever want a new Kitchen stay away from the absolute shambles of a organisation.
  • stuart
    royal mail - stop being blackmailed by strikers. sack the lot & do the changes that are needed to keep the business alive another 1 for npower. would not speak to us as they werent speaking to the account holder, all because they had spelt the name wrong! would not let us pay for gas! kept ringing as each month the direct debit wasnt taken out. turns out npower kept cancelling the DD, after 8 months they threatened to take us to court for non-payment! :-O eventually got that sorted only to get a bill for £450 for gas, kept saying we had to pay it as it was what we had used.... turned out they had read the elec meter instead of the gas! bunch of idiots!
  • Andy
    O2, staffed by idiots, run by morons. I've left them but it was a world of pain, their complaints team didn't even know who or what an Ombudsman was!
  • Grunty
    I would have said Sky... but they've just given me free line rental for a year.
  • matthew
    BT - 5p min charge - dicks.
  • DrJogalog
    NPOWER are complete bunch of idiots. 4 years it took to sort out a bill and send it to the correct name and address. It came in at over£1500 in the end. Numerous phonecalls, faxes, emails and letters sent and everytime you call you have to explain the whole situation again. Once they finally sorted out the £1500 bill they had the cheek to want it paid in a weeks time otherwise they would take me to court! I told them to go ahead and they wouldn't get a penny. After a bit of deliberation it was agreed to pay it over 2 years ( I would have preferred giving them only a penny a week for these pillacks). Cancelled the contract eventually and moved elsewhere. Absolute bunch of useless tw*ts! Vodafone are another shables company. 3 times in 4 years I have upgraded my contract with them over the phone only to find when the paperwork comes through, its not the contract you agreed to on the phone. The call centre staff seem to just agree to anything to get the contract hoping you wont notice when it comes through on paper. I can understand a 'mistake', but 3 times in a row!!! Never a word of apology when they finally sort it out though and it makes you wonder how many people are stung by this SCAM! Yes, I do get frustated by these c*nts!!!
  • Tim
    Comet who treat customers like scum and treat there staff even worse, Halifax due to there robbing charges and deny there in the wrong when clearly they are , anything mbna inc virgin again thieves with intrest rates on cards which they keep quiet. Ge Capital. Virgin Media . oh and lloyds.
  • Jack
    Royal Mail - rising price, drop in service, lazy strikers British Gas - due to their pricing and advertising techniques which make it look like they are giving you a good deal
  • Ash
    BT BT BT!!! Expect a complete comedy of errors and an entire catalogue of f*** ups from BT when: trying to order new products and services, trying to amend products and services, trying to inform them you're moving house and need your services transferred to your new address, trying to get through on the telephone, trying to talk to someone who speaks English, trying to talk to someone who actually gives a sh*t about your custom, trying to get someone who DOES speak English to actually understand your problems/concerns, trying to get your BT home hub to work properly, trying to get your home hub delivered in the first place - before they start charging you for it, etc. etc. The list really is endless for BT who, without doubt, are the worst company in Britain this year. Please vote for BT. I hate them.
  • Esarty
    Comet - seems that "Collect from store" option on their website generally means reserve an item, get a confirmation email, travel to the store and then be told to go and look for the item on the shelf yourself. Which they don't have in stock.
  • Marzybeee
    Phones 4 U.... I can't believe I have read every post, and nobody has mentioned these [email protected] Appaling service and abominable customer service. Halifax.... need I say more?
  • James
    Has to be Three for me. Managed to get my wife in tears at customer service. Refused to cancel our mobile broadband at the end of the contract by telling my wife she should keep it as a backup and then demanding a good reason for letting her cancel. Refused to give us a buyout price on the existing mobile contract and then when I took over and started telling them how it was they informed me that they would only speak to my wife going forward. A bunch of useless rude pointless cunts.
  • Bob
  • jmecks
    Carphone Warehouse without a doubt. I've never had a problem with the retail outlets, but as soon as you commit yourself to doing business by phone or internet you've entered maze from which there no escape.
  • BradyBrade!
    Definately Royal Mail - No Explaination Required!
  • Name R.
    My votes: The Government Royal Mail nPower
  • Name R.
    ...and Virgin Media! (Forget them...)
  • KZee
    One and only choice BT.
  • Lyn
    It has to be 3. Pig ignorant sales staff, "customer service" staffed by non-English speakers, a system that insists you DO have coverage (even when you have none at all) and no returns policy. Why anyone would want to use this company will never cease to amaze me.
  • Shanks
    Shanks here. I vote for Belgium as the worst country.
  • mat
    Amazon UK, then BT.
  • Shopdis F.
    Fuck the companies. How about the Labour Government!
  • The r.
  • pauski
    What about the best company of the year? Most impressed with .....Halfords.
  • pauski
    oh and another thing.... agree with Shanks.
  • 3
  • Come p.
    DSGi. Of course.
  • Vote W.
    [...] are running their annual “Worst Company In Britain” anti-competition, and are looking for nominations: There’s countless reasons why you might [...]
  • Bill
    Carcraft (previously Carland) These guys could win hands down, a simple google of them will find countless hate groups, abusive forums and various dislike of the company. They have screwed over thousands of people with overpricing, telling customers they have been turned down for all finance except premium (Without actually checking), mis-selling ppi and other extras, and of course their ever so famous warranty with NAC (read:nothing at-all covered) who oddly enough is owned by carcraft. My personal story was a 20 grand Saab, 30 thousand miles on the clock and the gearbox failed, NAC were not remotely interested in paying out claiming it to be "wear and tear". A friend of mine bought a car from them previously and the water pump failed, it was running at about 25% effeciency as it was leaking all over the place, NAC once again refused to pay out as it was still operational. C'mon, seriously. They gotta win!
  • David - Purchased a Foehn & Hirsch 19" TV/DVD, it turned up dead on arrival, sent it back and Ebuyer then delivered it back to the wrong address and it was still dead. then they returned it to the wrong address three more times and every time the TV was still not working and had white marks over the plastic surround and screen!. They take ages to reply to enotes (at least a week each time), I sent in an official complaint, and have still heard nothing from them. In the end I had to go to the credit card company to recover the funds. Watch out when buying there own make goods!
  • Tom
    1. Orange - Awful, simply awful. Ever since France Telecom got hold of them. I fear for the future of T-Mo's decent customer services staff! 2. DSGi - Appalling customer service of the highest order. Tech Guys has to be the worlds biggest misnomer! 3. CarPhoneWarehouse - For abolishing their returns policy and completely ignoring Sale of Goods act. 4. Ebay & Paypal - Monopolising shites ... who add charges on top of charges, force you to use their payment systems, and then when an item goes missing even if you prove it has been signed for they side with the recipient.
  • Anthony
    Alliance & Leicester. Twice they paid out direct debits after I'd cancelled them - the scond one for £300, five months after I'd cancelled the direct debit. I went to the branch to complain; as it was a 'direct' account I was told I couldn't speak to anyone behind the counter, I had to use the telephone in branch to phone cutomer services. I was on hold for 19 minutes, and was then informed that it was my fault: although you get two confirmations of a cancelled DD when done online, apparently I should have known that it wasn't actually a 'cancellation', just a 'suspension' - even though the email clearly stated the DD had been cancelled. When I asked why this was so and complained that I wouldn't pay the £30 fine for going over my overdraft, and after insisting on speaking to someone who could refund my money and cancel the fine, I was told that the conversation 'was going in circles' and that the phone operator was going to hang up. I told her her attitude was outrageous and I wanted to speak to a manager to (a) get my £300 back and (b) object to the fine. She informed me that all the managers were in meetings and she wasn't going to engage with me any more, then cut me off. I called back (another eight minutes on hold), and demanded that the situation be resolved. I was apologised to, and told that the money would be refunded and no fine would be charged. As this was on a Friday it still meant that I had to borrow money to pay the rent the following Saturday. The following week I received a letter informing me that I had gone over my overdraft limit and would be charged £30, delvered at the same time as a letter informing me that I wouldn't be charged £30!. I thenchecked my balance to find that they had taken the £30. I had to phone back a third time to get my £30, after another long period on hold (I have never been able to speak to someone right away, I always have been put on hold for at least 5 mins). Needless to say I am no longer a customer.
  • charitynjw
    >spunker I find BW absolutely hilarious, & at the same time very informative (many a true word spoken in jest!). & they pay me hardly anything to endorse them (hint, hint BW!)
  • Aidan
    BSkyB, I despise this company. Their entire "Customer Service" policy is designed around never, EVER putting you through to a real person, rather directing you to the FAQs on their website. This does not help if you have more than a very simple question, especially for £50 per month. I have wasted entire evenings trying to speak to one of their buffoons. Furthermore they are getting paid twice - once by the subscriber and subsequently by the advertisers. The technology is clearly there to be able to disable the adverts, especially on stuff you've recorded on Sky+, which again, for the extortionate subscription fee is, I would argue, a rip-off.
  • Anthony
    Oh, and when I was on the phone to Alliance and Leicester (the first time, before the telephone operator -the term 'customer service' can in no way be linked to her job role- cut me off) I asked to be put through to the complaints department. She refused, stating that there isn't one. I later found out that they have a 'customer resolution' department - obviously this was to big a leap of intellect for the poor thing - she wouldn't deliberately lie to a customer would she? Is anybody else aware that many companies get a kickbackfrom BT from people dialling certain 08- numbers? The longer you are on hold, therefore, the more money BT and the company you are trying to contact make. These people are fucking shameless. Try 'saynoto0870' instead for a list of telephone numbers that contact peopel directly, not via bloody switchboards ("press 9 if you would like to stab the condescending prick about to dismiss your complaint straight in the eye with an icepick").
  • Mark
    It just has to be BT They suck on every front - Some examples for you all, My Grandfather rang them to get annonymous call baring removed from his line - spoke to... India (where else?) and after making it threw the automated phone system asked them to remove it from his line, 24 hours later... They cut his phone line off - Ceased his account totally (and couldn't "re-activate it"), and it took me 5 calls to BT and a call to Ofcom to get him re-connected, and 2 more calls to try and get him the phone number back he'd had for 45 years, also took 5 days to re-connect the line leaving an 87 year old who lives alone with no safety phone (he cant use a mobile because they interfere with his hearing aids) My personal expierence - Oh dont even know where to start! so here's a random list, Calling me to sell me services even tho I'm an ex directory number BT Vision not working properly - ever Falling off the net twice a day because the home hub sucks Broadband supports answer to everything being "Reset the homehub" - and not listening when I tell them I no longer have one after smashing it into tiny pieces and posting them back to BT, Crippling internet speeds at "peak times" because I'm a "heavy user" even tho I pay for "unlimited" - and not being able to tell me what the limit is! Giving me phone line, broadband and vision - but telling me I cant have the "anywhere" mobile phone, Not being able to supply me with homeplugs so I can move the vision box - but CAN send me a complete new vision box and homeplugs if I re-sign a 18 month contract.. The sheer amount of garbage they send for me to re-cycle trying to sell me products I already have even tho I have paperless billing! The new "broadband acelerator" that drops my internet speeds by 3/4 That they've had the same music on hold for 20 years, Did I mention the Indian callcentres? >:-) anyway - but suck - they suck!! roll on Virgin media covering this area so I can get 50mb broadband.. Ma
  • Tom
    It must be Orange Broadband by a long shot , Customer Service is 0/100 , Speed is 0/100, reliability is 0/100, worst company i can think of by far, In the end I shifted to o2 Broadband and there absoutly brilliant in every way " Thank you for calling Orange " Why !!!! your company sucks !!!!
  • David
    The Government and Gordon Brown PLC
  • Alyson
    Definately Virgin Media, After being convinced to stay with a big discount offer that never came and only a six month tie in I was told six months down the line that I was infact tied in for 12 months. Staff just parrotted 'Virgin don't do 6 month contracts, virgin don't do 6 month contracts....' Perhaps it would be helpful if you informed your sales staff of that fact - or maybe remove the incentives for retaining customers so they wouldn't feel the need to mislead!
  • Mark
    Coca Cola - with their ridiculous Cokezone promotion - that disappointed 99% of those who entered, with shoddy cheap prizes and unavailable big prizes. finally managed a semi graceful withdrawal by using medium value prizes and ebaying them. BTW - I now drink Freeway light coke from LIDL - its actually nicer and only 39p for 2l
  • Scorp, childish MODS and even more childish members. Lol'ling all the way to the bank Oh and associated Quidco, stealing all your cashback, robbin' bastards
  • Marv
    Paypal, beats all others hands down. Terrible customer service, either on overprices phoneline where they keep you waiting for ever or email where they just send out standard replies without ever really anserwing the questions asked.... totally abusing their monopolistic situation on Ebay.
  • Zack
    got to be TFL (transport for London) awful Customer Service the people behind the cash desks are always rude. overpriced for crappy service.
  • just m.
    ATOS healthcare. they do the medical's for the DSS. the software they use is set up to make sure you are fit for work even though your not. they put me as 100% fit even though a week later i had to have an op that left me housebound for 6 months. and, i did show the letters to the doc during the medical.
  • Tom
    Sports Direct has to be up there!
  • lianne
    see tickets omg theywere bad, had a couple of heated discussions over tickets and the extra charges they put on!
  • Hank
    Three - several times i've tried to end my contract, but the "assistants" just laugh at me, claiming that "surely you can see we offer a better deal". it may well be a little cheaper than my other contract, but i never seem to get a good signal, meaning i've hardly used that phone for ages, (haven't even had it charged for the last 3 or 4 months). However, as an employee of dsgi, i feel the need to defend them - there may well be a few idiots instores, but the majority of us are honest, & fairly intelligent too. i'm sure if you look at the staff in your own companies, there'll be a fair few idiots there too. The recent Facebook scandal has really caused a stir within the company, & several people have lost their jobs, due to the comments they had left, so maybe some of those employees who weren't quite so bright have now fallen by the wayside.
  • Phil
    Orange - Orange - Orange - Orange - Orange !!!!!
  • MusicRab
    Major rip-off merchants - Halifax, Broker King For sheer incompetence - Orange
  • Craig S.
    Sky, their broadband service is terrible, their advertised speeds are nowhere near their actual speeds. Their technical support and customer services department are very inconsistent, their call answering times too long, their interactions with BT OpenReach are terrible, their engineer line when a BT OpenReach engineer is on site doesn't get answered. They even cock up up the transferring out process by giving out invalid MAC codes.
  • Numbnuts
    Orange, Dial-a-phone, Orange, Dial-a-phone, ORANGE, DIAL-A-PHONE, ORANGE, DIAL-A-PHONE!
  • Jon D.
    For me it must be Dialaphone. For selling me a brand new phone that had been opened, all its contents removed except the phone, then me finding out they had rebranded the phone, and refurbished it despite repeatedly telling me it was brand new. The countless phone calls, the letters i have had to send, and the continued denial they had done anything wrong despite me catching them out. So yes guys make Dialaphone the UKs worst company for totally ripping off its customers and its total lack of customer service.
  • brendan
    Currys for sure. We ordered a washing machine to be delivered and there was a nightmare corresponding with their delivery company and Currys to get it sorted out. We gave them a second chance and bought a TV at a later date..that didn't work properly. We took it back and were treated like lying criminals...not to mention that the staff member assigned to test it didn't even know how to turn it on. We wanted a refund and were given no apology for faulty products or the time wasted. Disgraceful customer service
  • Q
    SKY - Lying thieving gits. SKY+ box keep breaking and they get replaced with 'reconditioned' sky+ boxes which only last a month.
  • Zleet
    Ebay & Paypal The former because an oversight on my part on a one month account ban (didn't realise it extended to all my families accounts) ended up with me getting suspended for three years with no appeals possible. The latter because changing the first (misspelt) name on my Paypal account (had for years) so that it reflected both the billing address and the name on my credit card required emailing Paypal, who told me to close down my account completely and wipe everything then start again.
  • Zleet
    Oh yes, and Sky for charging £10 a month per multiroom and £10 a month for HD but not allowing HD to mirror on the multiroom. They also only allow you to get the HD channels for the package you have (Movies, sports, ect) but still charge the same HD rate if you only have the basic channels.
  • Aj87
    N-Power 15 mnths for a bill and now a £1500 bill deliverd yesterday thanks! Halifax - just generally being shit never get statments phoned 8 time is same day to be told 4 things and 2 people refused to speak nabout account!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Ria
    Virgin Media. Painful.
  • JohnJ
    Orange - only balanced by 3+ years of almost free calls in compensation for the repetitive screw ups and breach of contract valiant attempt.
  • JohnJ
    Cowan - no customer service at all. Literally - it didn't exist in Europe. Never - ever - will I buy a Cowan MP3 product ever again.
  • Lukus
    I'd have to say it was 3, they spend atleast a good hour trying to convince you to stay when you call up to cancel! :P
  • mannyutd
    HALIFAX for gobshite customer service and staff AND ORANGE for their handling of the change of terms and conditions.
  • shopto s.
    Shopto suck, worst customer service ever, like to see them go bust very soon
  • Mark T.
    United Utilities without question. Charge me £££s for water supply and £££s for drainage, then send scaremongering letters about water pipes cracking in winter that might cost me £££s. Also there is no alternative for water supply.
  • Jim
    It has to be O2 - awful iPhone tarriffs back up by atrocious network coverage - a killer combination!
  • Joe L.
    Ebay and Paypal. The way they operate is surely bordering on the illegal. Something must be done about them.
  • W R.
    Has to be Game for getting their staff to go and buy cheap games from stores and then selling them instore at RRP. A disgrace! Overclockers UK for worst customer service. Treating customers like cr*p and then blaming them when they've sent out faulty goods. Buy beware!
  • Michael
    paypal (when selling), followed closely by (when buying), funnily enough, they are both extremely good when doing the opposite on each platform!
  • Sam T.
    My vote 100% goes to PCWorld (DSGi). I worked for them for just over a year and left last November - the sales tactics are just so underhanded, the staff are treated like crap. I mean FFS, they had us clean the store several times despite paying cleaning ladies who just sat and drank tea. I was a salesman/advisor, not a fucking cleaner! And im a huge hayfever and allergen sufferer, so when I complained the cleaning was making me unwell... "Everyone else is cleaning and they are not complaining" - nobody else was a sufferer though. Then I worked Boxing Day '08 from 7am to 4pm (closing time that day), being promised a £50 voucher as incentive, and having my taxi paid since I relied on the bus... no bus runs at 6am on Boxing Day! Well, I didnt get the voucher... was told only those who worked from 6:30am got it... all who started at 6:30am finished 1hr earlier than me, so I worked 30min longer than most and they got the voucher, not me. They also didnt pay the taxi, saying it costs too much. It was £35... had a huge fight with them, but didnt get anywhere. So as an employer they are seriously one of the worst. As a company, they do love ripping off the customer... I remember I had a deaf customer buying a PC. It's the salesguy's main goal to sell the monthly "PCPerformance", but the deaf guy couldnt understand me. Hell, those who can hear fine don't get PCPerformance! So spoke to manager and he said... "just add it anyway, he'll cancel it if he finds out...". Im not sure if those were the exact words, but it was to that effect. Then theres the times where a customer comes in to complain... several times the manager was actually their first point of contact and in those instances where the customer asked for the manager to complain, the manager leads them to one of the salesmen and says "This man will be able to help you out". They just take no damn ownership at all. The million different targets they give is insane... PCPerformance, Norton 360 (EVIL!!!), Services (£20 to install memory FFS!), Office, Mobile Broadband, £100 attachments and other crap. They dont care how you reach target, just so long as you do, so there are plenty of dodgy tactics going on. And then there was the times where people took the finance option to buy now pay later... we were always told people just use a credit or debit card to pay it off. So I took a TV on finance (£700). 5 months later I phone and gave my credit card details and the guy says they have never accepted that as payment - HAS to be debit card. None of the T&C's of agreement mention credit card, so theres outright lying going on too. Sorry... I have a really sour taste in my mouth at every thought and mention of this shady company. I can't wait for they day they go under. Therefor my vote goes to PCWorld/DSGi.
  • Caroline
    For me there are 2 contenders. Number one is BT, a bunch of daylight robbers, who when I complained that our phone bill was excessive, cut my outgoing calls, 8 months later still no phone and owe even more money?!? A company mangaged and run by incompetents and calls answered by people who have no idea what they are talking about!! Secondly, would be EON, lying, untrustworthy, rude and ignorant people who only care about making money out of people, and when you complain you get told that if you don't pay what you SUPPOSEDLY owe, they will send in a baliff!! Having said that, there are many others for me, and British Gas, O2, Bimingham Midshires, AKA Halifax,frankly many comapnies these days only consider profit and not the customers!
  • Kirsty
    Hmmmm other than royal mail???? Has to be O2! Fantastic products, great prices BUT ABSOLUTELY SHITE customer care and after sale service!
  • STOP A.
    Please turn this website off. I have so far read complaints about network coverage for every phone network, every bank and every utility provider. Then there are complaints about every conceivable web service and internet provider. I have had service from a lot of the providers that have been mentioned and I have not had such bad service from ANY of them that has led me to rant and rave in the way that most of the people on here are doing. Anger is habitual. If you vent your unhealthy anger in the way you are frequently, Cunt this and fuck that, then you will increase your need to do it AND YOU WILL JUST BE AN ANGRY PERSON. This website is just promoting unhealthy behaviour and I find it disappointing that the hotukdeals team feel that this is constructive. IF YOU ARE GOING TO VENT YOUR ISSUES THEN GO AND DO IT TO A THERAPIST OR YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY. OPEN AGGRESSION VENTED IN THIS WAY WITHOUT ANY INSTANT CRITIQUE (SOMEONE WITH YOU WHO SAYS CALM DOWN OR DON'T SPEAK SO IRRATIONALLY) IS UNHEALTHY. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BENEFIT FROM SPEAKING OPENLY TO 'NO-ONE' ABOUT THE MINOR LIFE PROBLEMS THAT YOU HAVE FACED WITH YOUR PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER. SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT IT. HOW FULFILLED DO YOU REALLY FEEL AFTER RANTING ON ONE OF THESE WEBSITES. PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT THIS STUPID WEBSITE WITH YOUR EMOTIONS AS THEY ARE ACTUALLY BENEFITING FROM YOUR SUFFERING. HOTUKDEALS, AND BITTERWALLET, I CLAIM AFTER SEEING THIS HORRIBLE THREAD THAT YOU SHOULD BE DECLARED THE WORST. YOU PROVIDE NOTHING TO SOCIETY BUT A PLACE FOR PEOPLE TO BE GREEDY, OPINIONATED AND TO VENT UNHEALTHY EMOTION. MY ONE PIECE OF ADVICE TO YOU IF YOU FIND ANY OF THIS INTERESTING IS TO GO AND READ A BOOK ABOUT ANGER MANAGEMENT (I HAVE HAD TO IN THE PAST) WHICH WILL TEACH YOU ABOUT FUELING ANGER (WHICH THIS SITE EFFECTIVELY DOES) AND THEN IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH A SERVICE PROVIDER OUT THERE, GO AND SPEAK TO CITIZENS ADVICE. SPEAK TO A PERSON ABOUT IT!!!. By the way, the CAPS were used to make this message stand out, NOTHING ELSE.
    • Andy D.
  • Libitina
    Royal Mail Ebay (shafted the sellers)
  • NossB
    Three - Awful service, being rung by them constantly even though I told them to take me off their list. Terrible customer service.
  • chris
    DSGi......two words NEVER AGAIN.
  • Libitina
    Forgot Orange with their change in t+c' that they rescinded due to too many people leaving and then telling their customers porkies about their consumer rights
  • loveheartz
    Student Finance England. No contest. Keeping you on hold, cutting you off, deleting website correspondence and phone call records, refusing to send out copy of the calls they DO acknowledge,, telling you the night before your first payment that although all the paperwork went through and you applied 2 months ago, you can't have your loan because you were supposed to apply to the LEA directly, refusing to send a letter to that effect... *sigh* Lucky it's only an issue for students and they're not running anything else!
  • Swansea R.
    RBS 4 sure - especially business banking -£250 arrangement fee for £500 overdraft!
  • Swansea R.
    Orange Home Broadband
  • Ano
    in no order what so ever, Alliance & Leicester Redrow Royal mail Zavvi Ebay Paypal
  • a47
    Virgin Mobile - it's gotta be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • a47
    oh, and ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • a47
    Let's not forget paypal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mark
    Gotta be 7DayShop ... Can't contact them by phone - they don't reply to emails - when they do reply (a rare occurence) they are rude and obnoxious.
  • spudder
    Baumatic - Took almost 2 years to replace an oven door on a brand new cooker! I have heard all the excuses in the book.....
  • Gloryhole
    I like the fact that you can use CUNT, VADGE LIPS, COCK, BELL END and SPUNK BUBBLE and no one cares.
  • Jon
  • Jon
  • shekar
  • Kate
    The Royal Bank of Scotland - Excessive bank charges and I was told they may have to 'reassess' my account if I pursued reclaiming my charges. Ebay - Sellers have the worst end of the stick since the changes. Paypal - Again excessive fees and if things go wrong they are useless. Royal Mail - I've had items turn up damaged and a couple of items not turn up at all. Also even if I'm in and they have a parcel for me they sometimes don't ring the doorbell and instead just push a slip through the letterbox meaning I have to go to the Post Office myself to collect it.
  • Stu
    1. British Gas 2. PruHealth 3. Screwfix
  • Steve
    T E S C O
  • Loud_SPKR
    THREE MOBILE gets my vote, I can never have a call which doesnt cut out. When you call up, you have to go through about 5 different menu options, then type in your mobile number and passcode, I mean how ridiculous! Last time I called to complain the signal was so bad, I got cut off and had to run through the ridiculous process of calling them back about six times. They also wouldnt fix my phone within the 12 month warranty, because, according to them I dropped it!
  • Mick B.
    It has to be THREE (3) their whole system of sales and customer services is designed not to let you cancel thet must make a fortune from people not being able to leave, their practices should be investigated, some chance?
  • matty-me
    Southall travel Kwik-Fit Royal Mail
  • Anon
    Its pretty sad as its actually difficult to decide who has been the worst. Had problems with all the following... Three - for being tossers - yet having a potentially OK product. British Gas - changing my direct debit meaning they took over £400 too much out my account. Then hitting bank charges as in the end the only way to get the money back was to move supplier. But Barclays have been the worst - just ignoring telephone instructions when it means it will make charges arise - and doing it so often I have taped calls to show them doing it. Its pretty easy to see where they are getting the money the other banks got from the public but in an entirely different way. Moved bank and house now. Funnily they had an error in my name that in ten years they never managed to fix. So my Barclays accounts never showed up when I checked my credit file. Nor did the new £6000 overdraft I obtained before I left. So as that overdraft (that they will never see repaid) has compensated me for their difficulties - perhaps they are not really as bad as I thought after all!
  • Hussain
  • Steven
    Game highstreet retail stores ....... NOT the online webpage which is frankly pretty good especially for pre-orders. for a few reasons. 1. Overpriced (especially compared to their website), usually at least 10% above HMV/blockbusters/ argos and supermarkets (mini ninjas is £25 in blockbuster and £45 in Game retail stores - yeah true story :) ) 2. Its ownership/buy out of Gamestation has ruined gamestation, no price competition between their stores anymore, total fix. 3. They will sell you a foriegn pre-owned game (DS american game is the classic at the minute) they then refuse to trade in later on because its not a Euro version despite the fact you bought it pre-owned from their stores in the first place and in some cases still have the same thing for sale on the shelf. 4. They claim to price match when asked but when challenged on Argos/HMV/blockbuster/tesco/asda prices they then claim to not match for one of several reasons (usually - 'Oh but thats an offer/sale' even when it isnt) and will not if you are trading in other games - many an expensive console package bought elsewhere because of this. 5. If its not on the shelf dont expect much help, example - try asking for a replacement PSP battery, despite them selling you the consoles which have replacable battery packs they will not look if they can order one for you or be of any help at all - better of at forbidden planet or local market - failing that online, 6. Knowing a game is going platinium (and therefore due to be £19.99 in the next week or so) they will put a sale on these games - pre-owned copies of course - at around the £25 mark - desperation eh! but hardly fair to the average customer who does not know it will drop in price brand new the following week. 7. Managers who cannot negotiate a sale, example, try to re-negotiate any console "bundle" by swapping a retail titles they are bundling with another title of identical value, they will lose the sale before having the power to do this - having repeated this test with other sellers I have managed (with the exceptions of currys/comet) to at least get a counter offer even if its not been what I asked for - sales sales sales is what it should be about, telling a customer flat out NO (like it or go elsewhere attitude) is bad, counter offer the unreasonable or at least pretend you've tried to do something. I could go on forever I simply do not set foot in a GAME store anymore, it actually annoys me.
  • Stuart M.
  • Debs
    HSBC - taking way to many payments and refusing to pay them back. rubbish CS too ABBEY - allowing anyone and everyone to take money from your bank account, rubbish CS too
  • daz1981
    1:- T MOBILE 2:- BRITISH GAS 3:- ASDA ( customer service is shite, tesco have far better cs and they give money for their mistakes)
  • tasha
    3 AWFUL customer service, they find loopholes in their contracts and rip you off...
  • Jason P.
    Ebay money grabbing little f**kers!!
  • Steve O.
    British Telecom British Gas Tiscali
  • Nicholas
    PC World by a mile. They tried to merk me on a faulty laptop, but I prevailed!
  • Stez
    Currys and Virgin media for me for the poor service terrible
  • Steve O.
    Ooh, yeah, eBay is a great shout too. Bastards.
  • Max P.
    It has to be Talk talk and Carphone Warehouse. Extemely poor Customer Service and hopeless at resolving issues. I gave up and stopped doing any business with these cowboys. O2 Customer Service overcharging and not resolving this issue.
  • Queen'O' D.
    Ryanair, very hard to get hold of and do not care at all whether they give you correct information or not!!
  • Emmsa
    For me it has to be network Three, their so called customer service is appalling they will never investigate your complaint further to what they can read out from their prompt/script cards, they just repeat the same thing over and over and you can never get an individualised reply/answer from them. & Barclaycard. Long story but in short, my card gets stopped because they suspect suspicious activity, with is fair enough but they do not inform me of this. It is only when I go to use my card, I eventually find out they have blocked it, which was very embarrassing. When I phone them to find out why they have blocked me card, they say they contacted me about it, which they didn't, they then call me a lier. I then had to chase them for weeks to get a disputes form so I could claim back the money for the fraudulent transactions on my account.
  • seb
    1. VirginMedia 2. VirginMedia 3. VirginMedia
  • ven
    BT without a miss.... call them anyday / anytime ...
  • Tom G.
    T-Mobile it takes hours to speak to anyone! ebay/paypal are always looking ways to take that little bit more from you, and they always side with the buyer! Tesco have shocking customer service!
  • Soren
  • AM
    For me this is easy. It absolutely has to be PAYPAL. I've had bad service from plenty of other companies, but they don't all make a habit of witholding large amounts of their customers' money for six months whenever they feel like it.
  • blob
    3 talk talk virgin media
  • Shitty S.
    Twats at BT, Halifax and Orange wish they would all go and die
  • Ken H.
    PC options ripped us off now Desktop options, AVOID at all costs see this or We had a £800 county court Judgement against this Company and after several attempts by a enforcement officer to find the company we are now informed by our solicitor that the company has ceased trading and is "pre dissoloution" ie no longer liable. It was the worst experience of after sales service we have ever had. The company supplied a computer that had a incorrect capacity hard drive in it as well. The computer packed up after the hard drive failed 10 days into owning it, Tom Muir from day was was devious, aggressive, and totally unconcerned. On the advice of our Solicitor the item was returned................The item was returned back smashed to pieces after 7 days, Tom Muir said the couriers did it.......yes Pigs fly too Would not touch any company he has involvement in and desktop options is one.
  • lobemaya
    Has to be Orange for me. I've changed my internet and phone contract from them this year. Utterly awful.
  • ConreteJungle
    Admiral Group Especially Elephant Insurance - 2 yrs after my accident Im still chasing them to get my car fixed. They're a bunch of cunts!!
  • magicbeans
    southall travel 3 BT
  • Tim
    I nomimate Virgin for their EPIC incompetence. Not only did they kill my broadband and then fail to fix it for 2 months but they somehow managed to end up breaking my BT landline over the Christmas week so I couldn't communicate with my friends and family over the festive period. You couldn't provide worse customer service if you had a professionally trained customer disservice team on the case.
  • I c.
    Fucking! Shit service. Box arrived with no phone in it. :@
  • Holly
    Three and Fitness First!
  • boffhead
    Got to be John Lewis - They sold me a TV that only had a 5 year guarantee which is utterly useless. Never knowingly undersold - what's that all about?
  • dave
    Virgin Media Orange ebay/paypal ..the worst of the worst
  • jennifer
  • Spod
    PC World. Their hard sell of scandalously overpriced insurance on computer systems continues, now disguised as a 3 month trial service which too many inexperienced and vulnerable people will be too scared to cancel.
  • Fukkin MBNA
  • Ron!
    All fukkin banks!!!!esp NATWEST ..........fukk!n assholes
  • Ross H.
    It has to be BT - terrible, absolutely awful!
  • chris w.
    LLoyds TSB who made my old dad a pensioner pay well over a thousand iunds for the handwriting expert they suggested and when she proved that dad's signature had been forged still held him responsible for the 90.000 fraudulent loan - which was not even paid into his account. Avoid these disreputable lying cheating badstards like the plague
  • johnw158
    Top 2 are:- BT they dont answer their phone for over an hour when you have a problem - but always are calling you as you sit down for tea to sell you free calls!!! Virgin Media - customer care just terrible.
  • richey
    cant believe more people not saying Microsoft (xbox) on the occasions that i have had to deal with their 'customer service' has been atrocious the worst customer experiences i've ever had, and i have had some shocking experiences with 3, orange, barclays and partners. microsoft lost my hd-DVD drive when i had to return it to them for a fault (i paid full price before it was dropped) they took FIVE MONTHS to replace it after losing it and literally dozens of phone calls, hours on hold etc. then i had the drive for about a month maybe less before they annouced dropping HD-DVD. Then when the were supposed to refund me for charging me for my live subs on a rolling basis it took 5 months to get it back. no apologies, no compensation or anything they just don't care.
  • MDawg
    Arnold Clark! The monopoly this knobhead has in Scotland for selling cars is unreal. He runs a business who specialise in robbing customers not selling cars. EveryoneI know has a horror story about buying from these crooks. Unfortunately if you want a new car in Scotland there is little choice apart from Arnold Clark
  • lorna
    Got to be CARPHONE WAREHOUE, the operators just flatley refuse to cancel your contract once it comes to an end. Cant describe the hassle i had. Seemingly you have to go through these operators to get disconnected, but they keep talking on and on and on with the sales pitch, completly ignoring my NO< NO <NO I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU I ONLY WANT THE TEL. NO. TO CALL TO DISCONNECT. Well eventually he did give me the number at least 30 mins later , hahaha just another guy like him who again wouldnt let me just cancel, same senario to first , then got another one, even worse. 4th one eventually gave me this fantastic deal £5 for loads mins + txts. When i took up this offer and the bill came in there was no super deal and had a fight to get it to the original deal when this one ends i will be shot of them..............only if they let me
  • SGB
    My vote is for Arnold Clark, they can actually be OK when they are selling you a car, although their service departments and customer care are absolutely appalling. We were charged for work we had not been informed about or authorised, booked in a special offer service at £98.00 which cost £1400.00, we were lied to about a courtesy car, told to collect our car twice when it wasn't ready, told to make an 80 mile round trip to get the car washed which should have been done during the service, their staff on site have zero people skills, and to cap it all their customer care (he he he...) team did not resolve any of the problems that had been highlighted in writing to them (twice) this was after spending two days trying to get the dealership to resolve the issues. Got to be the worst company in the UK! Just notice the post above from MDwang, agreed I know loads of people with complaints abbout this company, avoid if you can, if you have to go there at least you were warned beforehand. Also mentioned in another post above - John Lewis is a good shout, never knowingly undersold except when they can get away with it, even when they do pricematch, they don't reduce the general price, meaning that other customers still get knowingly fleeced, also "we don't pricematch if you place an order with us online"!! Even if the product is in a local store cheaper, you need to cancel and reorder on the phone or instore (what's that all about?), then sorry out of stock!. Very poor. Arnold Clark is still miles and miles worse, tell everyone you know to avoid, at least John Lewis guys are polite and try to resolve any issues. Sorry rant over. Can I vote for Arnold Clark again?
  • BIGlivingstone
  • Jbc
    Has to be EEZEHAUL Couriers (Partners to APC). Just had a piece of furniture shipped and it turned up totally wrecked - legs snapped off, scratched and glass top smashed. Was parcelled and labelled up as FRAGILE. No Compensation offered and NO Full refund!! What a Joke - This company are partners of APC - STRONGLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING THIS COMPANY FOR ANY COURIER NEEDS!!!!!!
  • S R.
    ORANGE - Terrible company they frequently lie and break ofcom regulations and are essentially cooks. To clarify when I moved in with my partner and I informed them of the move because my BROADBAND was with them (Takeover of wanadoo) they attempted to take over his BT line!!!!! Why I stayed I don't know but like a mug I did, they then hijacked my phone line from BT again when I moved and when I rang they denied it!!!! OFCOM had to track it back to them, they then exended my mobile contract from 12 months to 18 months again without my permission, they then turned off my paper statements again without my permission claiming all agreement had gone through an e-mail address I haven't used for two years!!. CROOKS - DISHONEST - - If you wan to be lied to again and again go with ORANGE
  • Jimmy S. without a fucking doubt. NEVER BUY ANYTHING from them! They stole my money and made me sad. TWATS!
  • C O.
    ROYAL MAIL - but not for the misguided reasons posted above me. I vote for them because of the awful way their staff are treated. I'd love to see anyone slagging off the posties do a post round themselves - they probably wouldn't last a week!!!!!!!
  • Mr.rafiki
    Orange - Broadband/Phone Completely useless company - tried disconneting from them as I had sold house. Took 6 weeks - 12 different useless Orange Staff and 5 different dates - Nationwide - greedy T - Mobile - almost useless Royal Mail - Sky -
  • SD
    BT BT BT BT. To clarify, i'd go for its BT
  • SD
    i'd go for BT* (oops)
  • Meebo
    Carphone Warehouse hands down.
  • wenger
  • MRK
    1. British Gas 2. British Gas (yes...again...!!!) 3. BT
  • Matt
    Wilson & Co Vauxhall in Bolton. We went in today to buy a new Astra. After letting the actually fairly pleasant sales guy go through the motions, we showed him an offer we wanted him to beat. After countless times off talking to his manager - he was eventually sent back to us. The hapless guy then tried to offer us something for the same montly payments, but badly disguised bad deal over a much longer period and for a worse car (no air con) Indeed the "wrapped" up offer was actually worse than their original already too high offer - just with silly figures and no APR written down to disguise this. We queried, and eventually the manager came out - and told us he was unwilling to discuss how he came to figures. We mentioned that he was now trying to sell us a basic Astra even their own website had advertised for £9998 (with the scrappage we had) for far more. We pointed out legitimate offers from Arnold Clake and Peter Vardy. We were uncermonously shown the door - I almost thought he was going to ask for money back from the two coffee's we had drank. Horrible attitude - ruined our experience, and quoted us "tricky" prices worse than their standard offers.
  • cha
    it has to be orange broadband they mis-sold a package and then tried to get out of 7day cooling off period just cheats and only interested in commission but there local mast where i receive signal for my my dongle the receiver box will not be working shortly free of charge
  • Sapa
    For me Orange, specifically there home broadband department. Poor customer services. I hate the fact that they send you a text message telling you to ring them when they want to speak to you. I had a problem with my broadband, phoned them (waiting ages) and then whenever they had news about my problem they would just text me telling me to phone them. Why couldn't they just phone me to tell me the news instead of me having to wait in a queue on an expensive number? There broadband speeds in the evening are a joke. I can barely get an Xbox Live game going, let alone stream iplayer or something similar.
  • Sapa
    I don't agree with BIGlivingstone about Microsoft. There repair and customer service department is excellent. The Xbox may have been rushed into production in the first instance but they have excellent customer services and very quick turnaround giving you a new/repaired/refurbished console. They even give you a freephone number, not too many companies do that for their CS departments.
  • bogzilla
    Halifax - for changing overdraft fees at the drop of a hat. Seriously not impressed.
  • Tom
    1. ORANGE. Shockingly bad. Been going downhill for years. 2. VIRGIN MEDIA. 3. LLOYDSTSB.
  • Matt
    I should also mention Nat West - who have mucked up our joint account over 4 times now, just because my girlfriend became my wife If we have to take in the marriage certificate just one more time to prove who we are - we are going to start banking in Iceland.
  • Vicky
    Currys - reserve online, travel to the store to be kept waiting 20 mins before being told a member of staff must have bagged your item as they can't find it (3 out of 3 times this happened to me!) United Utiities - disagree with your bill? Oh no, there's no appeal system, you must pay cos we say so. Phones4U - great sales, sod off if you have any kind of problem. If you complain instore get threatened with being chucked out by security guard - charming!
  • Steve O.
    I want another go. PC World. Any company that charges £15 for a printer cable or a network cable should have every branch burned down.
  • Matt
    Pleased I know that when I do get eventually get our Astra, I know NOT to take it to Arnold Clark, or Wilson & Co now for servicing Cheers Guys.
  • Sapa
    If I can vote again, I would like to say ebay. Forcing you to do free postage on books/DVDs/games is just ridiculous. There fees are ridiculous also. By the time you have taken postage, ebay fees and paypal fees from your sale, you are left with barely anything. I just don't understand how you can't charge postage. If you're selling 2nd-hand books, a lot of the time they wont go for more than 99p. Are you then expected to deduct the postage (usually 70odd pence)? Obvioulsy you are left with nothing afterwards. They also removed the ability for a seller to leave negative feedback for buyers. Another ridiculous move. So 3 reasons why they suck postage 2.fees 3. sellers not be able to leave negative feedback.
  • JustMe
    I'm not gonna rant like a little school girl about why but for so many reasons : 1. BT 2. Scottish Power 3. All train providers!!!!
  • Scott
  • Alison T.
    It has got to be Virgin Media
  • ameythyst
    BT - Robbing smarmy bastards who are only concerned with the bonuses they get for flogging the more expensive broadband packages, bt sodding vision (tip - buy a freeview box, there's more channels and it won't bugger up) and setting up direct debits. It took three months to sort out a monthly payment direct debit with them, and they had the nerve to say that I needed to pay an interim amount to start it off on each time i phoned them when three months previously they'd told me it was sorted. I'm still not sure if it is now. I laugh at the irony of their advertising campaigns - fast broadband with no interruptions? - my arse! Orange - Had no real issues with the broadband at first ( was paying 5quid a month for broadband because I had and still have a phone contract with them), then when I finally cancelled it they refused to take back the router and charged me the earth because I'd moved home and they couldn't collect it or send out a postage paid jiffy bag for it to my new address. They refused to take it back in the shop as they only deal with sales and got confused when I explained that I had kept our landline number as we had moved round the road . Their shops are bollocks and mostly unhelpful and I've had a lot of dealings with their muppets in the call centre who first assured me that I could have a direct debit for my bill to coincide with my payday and then changed their mind over the next few calls because it was too much like hard work for them to change it by explaining it "didn't go with my billing cycle" and would be too much trouble to change. The marketing companies that supply Chuggers on high streets up and down the country - fucking bastards.
  • rob c.
    Virgin Media! You either believe me or you don’t! But for anyone who has real experience of this company, you will be advised to avoid like the plague. Our friends on the Indian continent will spin you a wonderful story, that will be backed up in no way what so ever when you finally crack and call to cancel all your services. Just cancel straight away or never subscribe and save yourself a heap of trouble. R.
  • j
  • khan
    Has to be studentfinance!
  • G R.
    CSL has to be the worst company on record!!! And closely followed by the Goverment and disgraceful MP's!!!
  • Leon
    PC World eBay Paypal Virgin Media Royal Mail Three The Hut
  • Rob
    Royal mail
  • Pagggy
    virgin Media!!
  • Aran
    Natwest.... omg
  • Peter
    Asda and Halifax
  • Frederick
    Royal Mail & BT for sure, bunch of idiots, THE TFL is up there with them aswell. if anything gets f***ed up in your life. its because of these 3 idiots!
  • jacob
    orange broadband with there fair use policy on an 'unlimited downloads package' 256k cap from 8meg... i don't think so!! :p
  • Des
    Don't forget the really crap AVIVA, formerly the very bad Norwich Union (an AVIVA company) and before that the actually quite good Norwich Union - bugger all to do with AVIVA.
  • martin c.
    SOMERFIELD - they treat their staff like shit and are soooo expensive
  • martin c.
    the current british 'government'
  • Gary
    Has to be Virgin Media. Can't imagine a worse customer experience - and the price changes?! Don't get me started!
  • Gordon B.
    So what your all saying is Great Britain isn't so great any more? I'll get my coat then. Did no one notice I fucked the NHS up as well? Wait until you have the worst toothache ever and I'll put you on a waiting list for 2 years until your teeth rot and fall out.
  • The D.
    Royal Mail - big hike in prices - crap service. PayPal - Scum of the earth All Fossil Fuel companies - theiving bastards!
  • Keith
    Tiscali - good deal for line rental and broadband at £14.99 a month but if things go wrong with the billing/phone line or you need technical support etc... take it from an EX Customers point of view - THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SCORE: LESS THAN 0/10. I WOULD NOT GO WITH TISCALI IF THEY WERE FREE. BT - every year they sneakily give you a free benefit (this year it was free 0845 and 0870 calls at weekend) great! Few months later they raise the line rental, call costs and the minimum call charges to pay for it! Customer Service - well at least its a free 0800 number so I give them a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SCORE OF: 1/10 - Would scrap them tomorrow (just like the majority of others) if they allowed for naked dsl to become available. Virgin Media - I left this lot as every evening my cable broadband speed got at least cut in half and Virgin Media denied it. They lost a customer. Annoying when they highlight the sales package price but then sneakily in smaller print at the bottom add "when you take a phone line with us @ £11 a month bit!!" Why not simply add it and show it if its a needed as part of the deal. CUSTOMER EXPERICNE SCORE: 3/10 (When it was still Telewest they scored much higher).
  • PE H.
    PIZZA EXPRESS!!! Nerer got what i want
  • Ste
    Zavvi - Ordered a Wii game and it took two weeks for a scratched, second hand game to be sent. Returned it and had to wait a further ( weeks before a replacement was sent. Luckily, the recipient didn't mind having their birthday present closer to Christmas than their birthday. Carphone Warehouse - I've had to threathen legal action against them twice in 12 months just to get my contract entitlements. It's still not right but I've got enough minutes etc for what I need and can't be bothered with another argument. I'm planning to ask to be rebilled for the full 24 months when my contract is up though, just to ruffle feathers...
  • Marie
    Alliance and Leicester and See Tickets - See Tickets for totally conning us out of the water with Capital FM Summer Ball tickets - failed to point out that so called general admission tickets were actually seriously restricted view and there were alternatives available (Ticketmaster did) Alliance and Leicester - among other things but put so much false information on my credit file due to their incompetence (and they admitted this when I complained to Financial Ombudsman) I was unable to move my account elsewhere, when FOS ordered them to remove said information they miraculously 'couldnt find it' and so refused to remove, and threatened to close my account as I had dared complain! Im still stuck with them....
  • umesh
    i would say worst company of all times: 1. SKY( my worst experience ) 2. BT 3. HSBC 4.debenhams 5. i already knew three was bunch of losers so never got associated with them; 6. the british government (money making(stealing) pubic company)(f***ing our money to rescue useless a**h**'s ;) probably it shopuld come as no:1
  • Vio
    Dixons! reason? no way to return anything without calling their CS. after a couple of reluctant replies emphasising on the terms of home collection and required package cover, the conversation eventually dies without giving out any of further instructions for the next. my goods still lie on my desk after 2+ months since the first 5 calls. bye Dixons forever.
  • James
    Sendit. Terrible customer support, made me mad!
  • Outatheblue
    Thomson Directories Lotsa money no calls. Enough said?
  • Outatheblue
    Thomson Directories Loadsa money, big promises, no calls. Nuff said.
  • Outatheblue
    Thomson Directories Loadsa money, big promises. No calls. Nuff said.
  • steve
    My vote goes to orange, closely followed by tescos.
  • davecole
    Got to be a tie between Scottish Power and 3. Both terrible to deal with through their customer service which is .............
  • Khan
    DIXONS & BLOCKBUSTER Seemingly racist policies - Never answer emails, crap service, they do not like to deal with us who have names with Mohammed/Khan etc. in it and cancel your order. Happened to people I know too with Muslim sounding names. These brainless sheep must be overdosed on CNN :) SKYTALK Overcharge & never refund - False promises - Legal criminals
  • londoner
    has to be Chiquitos, piece of shit excuse for a restaurant.... customer service is terrible and so is the food
  • Brine F.
    All of the fuckers
  • Linz
    Has to be bt for worst customer service ever,was promised broadband in my area so ordered only to find i di not have broadband,no one at customer service speaks english so had big battle with over many weeks regarding matter,1 guy said i had to wait 10days for line to settle,hhmm yea just in time to not be able to cancel contract,so cancelled straight away,they would not accept cancellation as still shouting odds that i did have broadband,i said send engineer out to prove it n guess what,although they said they would he never turned up but got slammed with a debt collection agency letter for unpaid broadband bill 3weeks later,Finally got em to clear bill and cancel service but no apology for disgusting service.Steer clear of em,bunch of bloody idiots.
  • Highway M.
    Virgin because they charged me £70 for disconnecting early when I moved house even though my new house would not take cable. Lots of Indians I couldn't understand! 7 Day Shop because they misled me and sold me a Toshiba memory card which infact was unbranded. Customer service terrible! Had nothing but problems with SKY products. Their billing system is harder to understand than Japanese although their customer service seems to be decent. Halifax lost £300 in a bank transfer which we noticed. No explanation and still waiting for the money 10 days later.
  • Stephen
    London Electricity/EdF are a bunch of thieving scumbags. Over four years to sort out a bill (sent to an address that didn't have one of their gas meters) and it came in at £450 for a bill for an account that did not even exist! Sent around a balliff whilst I was in hospital. Refused to apologise when I eventually reported them and got an inspector to prove I didn't have a gas meter. All started by a dodgy EdF salesman who falsified my signature saying I wanted gas from them (I was away at the time it was forged). I hate EdF - I hate them - I hate them!
  • benji
    PC world, i just hate walking in there due to very poor customer services, but if your wearing as suit they are all over you, now i know to go in there just to get idea's and shop on line. Also Lloyds bank knocked me big time on a loan.
  • benji
    How could i forget the government, technically you can call them a company, also any bank who knocks there customers or pay out more than 5k bonuses which is more than enough..... anyway when is this revolution gonna fukin start.
  • Flombard
    RYANAIR. My parents who are both pensioners checked in online. Their surname didn't print out correctly although address, passport and everything else was right. Ryanair made them pay £250 for a new ticket. Horrible company that seems to make everything unnecessarily complicated in order to penalise its customers financially for any mistakes.
  • loulou11
    Got to be BT
  • dee
    Morrisons supermarket nottingham All the pin card readers when checking out are all fixed down in sighting fraud and people to see what your pin is. Useless shop no sense in fixing them down if you get no privacy.
  • Stephen
    TalkTalk Customer Services and Technical Support. Decent enough broadband and telephone service for the price. If you have any problems or are moving home the length of time for setup and information given changes from day to day. Six weeks to get the broadband in my new house, a new more expensive contract and slower d/l speed. Buck up your ideas TalkTalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kaden
    Shocking holiday with frozzen food, dissapearing reps, weed smokers in the hotel, feral cats swarming the dining hall. Thomas Cook reply was - "we can't please everyone!"
  • charitynjw
    Who's in the lead so far
  • Kaden
    There customer services is shocking!!!
  • charitynjw
    Maths was never my forte . I'm an arteeest!! - (no, not p*ss-artist, before you respond!)
  • northfield
    BT, worst customer service ever, left me without internet for 5 weeks as they said I had to be reconnected after an error they made on my account and I am still waiting for a refund 4 months down the line.
  • graham
    aa bt
  • graham
    AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA as the AA are absolute rip of merchants And BT whose customer service is crap and you cant even understand the people on the phone!!
  • Coran
    Ebuyer MBNA Littlewoods
  • Nick E.
    BT for being absolutely useless. They constantly try to get money from you when uou don't owe a bloody penny! When you call them up to complain, if you finally get through to someone you can't understand them!!!! I can't stand them Very close secondly is Virgin Media. These guys are unreal!!! We get "fiber optic broadband" And were paying for the large packet!!! YEAH RIGHT! The large packet consists of 10meg broadband, we were getting 1.2meg on a good day! So we've had no choice but to upgrade to a ridiculas price of around £25I think to get the XL package. We now pay for 20meg but only get 8meg...... Oh and the Pakistani call centers again!!! Don't get me started, Grr
  • Nick E.
    Posted by Jack | November 3rd, 2009 at 11:33 am Virgin Media by far. Always throttling my internet in non peak hours. Pay for 10MB and have seen it alot of the time at 1mb. THIS IS MY POINT LOL
  • Jake
    HOTUKDEALS.COM For being run by kids with no lives, who like to feel important by playing website GOD! Just the most irritant MODS i've ever known! Do they have lives????? Get a real job idiots!! Good site, good idea. Just sack the MODS please!!!!
  • Mark
    Three Calls drop out, you get voicemails when you have a full signal, the phone is completely unuseable at 6pm something to do with high volume useage and people on three get the lowest priority because they piggy back Orange. The call centre is pathetic, when you report a fault all they want you to do is turn the phone on and off and then they say has this resolved the problem and you say yes and then they say is there anything else I can help you with today?!?! At which point I say I'm not turning my phone on and off every time I want to use it. Other times I've phoned up about poor quality sound and they couldnt understand what I was saying on the phone so had to ring me on a landline exactly proving my point. They cant do anything thats not on their script thats coming up on their computer! Then to top it off my phone stopped working in month 15 of my contract, the value of the phone was probably less than a tenner had I sold it on even in a working condition. Thought I'd send it off to be fixed as it was under guarentee only to be given a £20 charge because it was 'water damage'. They said I hadnt got the phone wet but was more than likely atmosperic conditions ANGRY!!!! They would waiver this if I upgraded to a new contract so they were trying to blackmail me, they wouldnt relent so in the end gladly paid to leave the torture of their service. Paying less now for a better service with O2 and they are all British call workers hop on baby no issues as of yet!
  • Adam D.
    VIRGIN MEDIA - the worst service ever! I was waiting for connection with CS for 4h! (my first phone call to register/activate modem). My complaint was ignored. Extra costs with first bill: QuickStart Delivery Charge - £15 Charges and credits (Provided by Virgin Media Ltd) (?) - £15 It is a nightmare! A.
  • John H.
    ROYAL MAIL. Never liked em and I hope they strike themselves to destruction!
  • AiNSY
  • Michael
    BT by far the most greedy bunch of assholes, with uterly clueless customer service that bounce you from department to department, then you get randomly cut off!! so you ring back again to be on hold for 45mins+ for the same to happen again >_<
  • Anon
    Ebay and Paypal
  • Max P.
    It has to be Talk Talk and Carphone Warehouse. They broke my perfectly working telephone line and broadband connection just after I joined them. I had no service for at least three weeks. Their customer service staff are useless and not able to resolve this issue. I gave up and told them they breached their own contract and left -- finally joining a reputable ISP and telephone company who fixed the problem in a day ! Talk Talk == cowboys. O2 Customer Services is poor. They don't know how their own billing system works and when they overcharge you -- they don't help. O2 Customer Service == unhelpful and probably incompetent. Tesco -- crap customer service. Rang Tesco if a particular product was on the shelf and they said yes, we have plenty in stock. Travelling far, and arriving at the Tesco store found there was no product on the shelf. Their stock levels indicated they had plenty -- yet none in the store. Complained to the Manager who was useless. He had no intention of either helping me or resolving this issue. If you want something from Tescos (Greenford store) and need to know if it's in stock -- telephone them and make sure you ask them to check it is actually on the shelf and not ghost stock before going or you may find that you have wasted your time ! Tesco == frustration and unhelpful Managers (especially Greenford Store). If Tesco HQ is reading this comment then sack the management at Tescos Greenford -- they are useless. I will try to avoid all these companies in the future when possible.
  • the b.
    Must be currys or comet anyone else had hassle returning defective crap
  • Elston
    Sky CS for persisting in charging via 0844 & hold ons. Utilities, all of them, take your pick
  • Gary
    VirginMedia by far, they have overcharged me on numerous occasions when telephoning their so called "customer service" team I have gotten through to people who no nothing about the products they sell. just attrocious all round.
  • Andy
    After reading the countless whining : "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time".......wasn't me who said it.
  • Mark
    Has to be Asda Home delivery network, lose customer's card numbers, try to get card details over the phone then conveniently find card details 3 months later and access your account without providing proof of bill amounts. Customer service harass people over the phone even when it's there cock up the list just goes on and on Asda you suck!!!!!!
  • Paul
    Has to be Dixons - I spent two years trying to get a faulty MP3 player replaced/refunded - every email ignored - every premium rate phone call to customer services not acted upon. A total shambles - I gave up in the end.
  • Mark S.
    Vodafone. I went on holiday to Spain and whilst I was out there I decided to use the internet through my mobile phone. Normally I would never do this but I was using the internet to check on my final University results which was pretty important to me. Two weeks after I got back from Spain I got a bill through from Vodafone for £400! I phoned up to complain but they said that the charges were fair. Unfortunately I had to go away again afterwards and Vodafone tried 4 times to collect the money from my bank account. Each time they made me incur overdraft charges simply because I did not have that kind of money in my bank account. When I wasn't able to pay them they blocked my phone so I couldn't make any calls or send any texts. Brilliant. Months later after numerous phone calls they finally accepted that they had overcharged me. Yet they still expected me to pay for line rental during the time that they had blocked my phone. Vodafone are massive, massive pricks.
  • Tim W.
    Has to be 3. Awful!!!!! :(
  • gaz
    must be three the mobile company, useless customer service, They lie and do not honour deals. avoid at all costs.
  • Erica B.
    I guess none of you have tried to buy a sofa from CSL THE SOFA PEOPLE???? I had five of there superior sofas the most expensive sofa they do and they couldnt get it right!! I only live five minutes from there head office had the main man down Richard Kerr he agreed with me about all of the sofas and then bannned me from all of there shops because they could not meet my expectation all I wanted was a sofa that was all the same height ( its modular ) but they all had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. When I wrote into the owner of the company I got a reply from some underling saying if I wanted to discuss this further it would be with Mr Kerr so the owner does not even get his own post marked Private and Confidental and recorded delivery ( I was under the impression that this is illegal ) Oh yeah and dont ever agree to loan furniture from them we had to get a pest control company in to get rid of there free gift of furniture bettles. Two years after walking into there store We ended up sat on the floor for months and about £500 out of pocket, My husband now has high blood pressure and I have a low white platlette count wich are all stress related resulting in blood transfusions, but I guess he sleeeps well at night because of course the owner doesnt get to know about things like this I now have learnt the hard way and will Google ever firm to see if there are problems with them before I make any major purchase.
  • Beeks
    Paypal Sold a mobile phone, Customer complained about a scratch on it by email, 10 weeks later he puts a Non recieved item claim in. Paypal found him in favor now im - 280 quid. And yes they can swing for it. Does Fraud not come into mind with these services. Absolute Shite on a stick, i would rather cut my head off and throw bricks at it than use these bunch of shits again.
  • Mr F.
    #1 has to be BT, the undisputed world heavyweight champion of a dishonest, corrupt and imcompetant company. Year on year they are considerably and consistantly worse . Often imitated (Halifix, Orange, Virgin, Barclays, British Gas, DSgi) but never outdone with their leval of dodgy and downright illegal customer service practices. My God a rubbish company in every aspect. Once a national treasure now a national joke dressed up in multi-million £ advertising. You know I'm right BT.
  • Big F.
  • palspal
    BT! BT! BT! All they do is make excuses about our download speeds because of the distance we live from the exchange. We had months of intermittent Internet connection. The BT constant response had been 'there is nothing we can do about that'. In desperation we recruited a local IT expert to sort it out. It took him 5 minutes at most to make them tow the line and they provided a new router. With that installed the problem was sorted. He said that they know what to do but will do nothing unless you ask and if the customer doesn't know what to ask for, they do nothing. To add insult to injury their latest adverts criticises rural Internet connection on other networks! **This may have been done before but can we also have a list of the BEST companies. Mine would have to be John Lewis and Amazon, just for their Customer Service provision alone.
  • Mr F.
    I'm bored so I'd just reitterate my nomination for BT. BT have been pulling dodgy stunts before some of these pretenders even existed. Whatever any other so called bad company is doing now BT has been there done that got the t-shirt 25 years ago. 1/Duplicate incorrect billing, unauthorised Direct Debiting. 2/Mis-selling products and services especially to the old or niave relying on their big brand name and multimillion pound advertising campaigns. Thinking about it the TV adverts are the exact opposite of the service you will actually recieve if you are suckered in. 3/Sabotaging other providers equipment, services . (Oh yes they do they dont f*ck about) 4/Automated CS. They were the first and the worst. 5/CS Call centres in India again the 1st and the worst. 6/Stealth price increases i.e. free calls (local only) = increase line rental or national calls or mobile calls.
  • Mohammed R.
  • AiNSY
    1 more to my list is HALIFAX, with there obscene overdraft charges
  • OFI
    Vote for: Acer, or more accurately their Customer Services and Repair Centre 'InfoTeam'. More than useless customer support and trying to charge for warranty repairs. O2 Broadband, service gone down the pan with minimal communication and no apology or so much as a discount whilst the service is running at 20x slower connection speed.
  • Benjumanji
    BT - Just for everything. Worst Internet service ever (now with Sky, much better) EDF - For scaremongering, for not sticking to their word, and for overpriced bills. Horrible company IKEA - I've tried contacting them 6 times over a complaint, and not once have they replied. London Transport - appalling overpriced service, manned by imbeciles
  • coleraine
    It must be Currys,most times when reserve for pick up,Items listed in store and when I travel to collect the look shocked at the price I am getting the item for and funny enough they dont have the stock.I really think reserve and collect only lets us search the net for bargins that Currys workers did not know about.Then they say no stock and then buy the goods for there self. Currys Sucks my oppion ,anyone AGREE with me.
  • Norbie
    PC World (DSGi).
  • Simon
    Everybody point and laugh at Sam Tillen. You don't work for DSGi any longer as you're a miserable, whining goit. You clearly couldn't sell anyway. You weren't prepared to work. And you're a fucktard for assuming you could pay off a CREDIT agreement with another form of CREDIT (i.e. CREDIT = money that isn't yours). Worst company is BT.
  • Jeff
    Curry's - Like anther post here i (I AGREE) tried to order a laptop online, and it was out of stock so i checked my local store and ordered it "reserve and pickup" On arrival at the store all the sales people were standing around waiting for customers as it was all quiet but apparently could not help because i had alrteady ordered my item and just needed to pay. So onward to the desk were the only one person available was busy and could not help as she was on the phone to head office having a chat . looks like real life customers are given a low priority. I waited and waited ....................... My vote for worst company is currys for poor customer service when i was actually stood in the shop trying to part with several hundred pounds - cynically I could assume as there was no commision in it for the shop staff they were not interested. Well I am no longer interested in currys . Great thing about the internet its easy to shop around.
  • Zam
    For me and many others (see link below) there is one company that is above all when it comes to the worst company and that is ACER. I have sent my Acer Aspire 5920G laptop to them seven times in the past two years (five times this year) because of a flickering screen problem....each time they send it back saying they have replaced components but after a few days the screen flickers yet again! One time they sent it back saying there was "No Fault Found", even though they returned the laptop to me with the screen flickering! On top of this I've had to get my power adaptor replaced twice as it stopped charging my laptop for no reason. I asked them what it takes to get the entire laptop replaced and they say they must replace a single component five times in order for the customer to receive a brand new replacement - they have replaced different components each time (for the same problem), so obviously they do not know what the problem is themselves, which is why they cannot fix the problem! The following thread contains a large group of Acer customers who are all experiencing the same screen flicker problem which they mention Acer has not been able to resolve: On top of this, it's worth doing a Google search to find other frustrated Acer customers. I will never buy an Acer product again.
  • Badger
    Natwest! Definitely! I can't believe Natwest hasn't got more mentions in this list so far. They are terrible! On the Orange scale of badness they rank as "even worse than Orange" - so really, really bad! And I'm alos an Abbey customer so I know what a normal level of bad, incompetent service is! Natwest are a black hole of customer service. I hate them!
  • raveydaveygravey
    3, three, however they want to be known
  • PoisonJam
    Black Horse Finance -non-upfront fees on top of the sky-heigh APR when buying a car from Motorpoint, though the latter might be more to blame TalkTalk Broadband - terrible service after a great service with Demon on the same line 1&1 Web Hosts - very difficult to cancel a service and VERY uncaring customer service team
  • Angela
    1. Three (Mobile) 2. Llodys TSB (Bank) 3. Argos
  • ps3 g.
    Microsoft. Having sent an Xbox 360 away for repair, I received it back 8 weeks later!!! & that was only because i kept on phoning them twice a week to ask where my 'LOST' Xbox 360 was. complete crap, now I am the proud owner of a PS3 & wouldn't recommend an XBOX 360 to anyone...
  • twisted m.
    has got to be telecom plus/utility warehouse for all the lying scamming self employed knobs they use. "were cheaper than xyz company for gas and electric" yet when I confronted them about why they are much more expensive on price comparison websites all I got was some bullshit about "its a multi discount the more you do with us the more you save" even after explaining I hardly use any gas or electric as I am hardly at home and they were showing up a lot more expensive they still inisted that I should sign up AND suggested that I should become a salesman for them as well. cunts
  • Paul
    Talktalk,Welcome car finance and Sky would be my top 3. They are all Crap and customer service skills are absolute rubbish.
  • a p.
  • Tracey
    Sports Direct, Vodafone and Halifax
  • Jim
    cant really understand why o2 get a mention with their awards for best service but hey fair enough Ive never had better service , i was trying to upgrade my broadband and they told me to save my money as there will be no difference in speed as i was too far from the exchange which seems fair. i vote for british gas, they are harrassing my g/f like no business and calling her a liar because they have the wrong metre number
  • nimrod666
    No doubt whatsoever, Virginmedia. Their free for all pricing policy is a total mess, their advertising allthough legal is morally reprehensible
  • MT
    EDF Energy. Devious thieves.
  • steven
    microsoft, royal mail, halifax
  • John
  • sirusndyrus
    I think worst company award should go to THREE ( mobile)
  • Kate
    Virgin media, without a doubt.
  • alex3410
    pc world no question poor customer service as 99% of their staff are useless
  • fsm65
    1. Ebay and paypal abusing their monopoly position 2. Virgin cards for trying to doubler my interest rate 3. Sky for abusing their sports monopoly
  • Jaabber
    1) PC World - my laptop battery started cutting off with approx 50% life still left - had cover and called only to be told not covered - then asked for complaints line only to then advised i was covered. Many customers could be caught out by their incompetence. N.B. i think u should be asking for best company also - - always good to give praise when do - and stops all this negativity.
  • Bill B.
    Cash4Gold Royal Mail
  • Gwendam
    Dreadful customer service - don't even reply to complaints !
  • jeff
    eGay and Gaypal. Terribly crooked organisations. And BT of course, but that goes without saying.
  • Worst F.
    [...] Company in Britain? Go on, you know you want to; Come on, tell us the Worst Company In Britain | BitterWallet __________________ The advantage of stupidity over intelligence is that stupidity has no limits. [...]
  • Nat
    Tiscali - do not become their customer !!
  • Rob I.
    COMET - Buyer Beware
  • Laura
    BT - Would rather pay their insane incorrect prices then face talking to someone. I am a strong independet person and they have reduced me to tears twice this year due to frustration at their terrible customer services.
  • Martin
    COMET, sued them twice and won both times HALIFAX, robbing b*******!!
  • k.
    Three mobiles customer service is the worst
  • Kostas
    Three and Tiscali. Worst companies ever!
  • angry c.
    BT , why call it british telecom ??? whenever you phone you get someone in an indian call centre who can't understand what you are calling about and hang up on you! Sky , same reasons as BT Game , why do they have to bombard you whenever you enter their shop, if i want help i shall ask for it and don't need asking constantly!
  • Flodd
    Ebay & Paypal all the way...
  • Kenny
    BANGCD! Such a bad online serviceeeeeeeee!
  • JS
    British Gas for having a ridiculous call management system which is impossible to use and actually get the right person to speak to. When you do get someone via several wrong lines they then listen contently before doing absolutely nothing about what you have just asked them to do - how do they sleep at night.
  • CM
  • B
    Has to be Halifax bleeding us dry as a consequence of their new and 'simple' overdraft charging policy. Absolutely criminal.
  • DC
    British Gas, nPower, and all the other profiteering utilities companies
  • Scunner
    Three - absolute shits without parallel. Crap coverage, crap CS, then snivelling and whining on the phone at you when you cancel. FOAD, 3. Carphone Warehouse for their bizarre method of taking 1 pence first thereby ensuring your credit card triggers a fraud stop and killing your internet order, obviously with no commincation whith the customer whatsoever. Microsoft - all those crap "windows 7 was my idea" adverts. Yeah right, like they give a f*ck. Really. All the energy companies for keeping prices high when wholesale prices have dropped. PC World - you know why. Apologies to anyone who has to work there. Amazon UK for their stupid price match (non) policy (i.e. send it back and re-order at the lower price) Barclays insurance for trying to put my car insurance up 400% after another claim free year.
  • Vee
    Sky continued to bill us after we cancelled our subscription (in full accordance with their t's & c's). Thanks to the 'help' of their Customer Services dept., the whole sorry saga has only just been resolved after 11 months. Other than that O2, again for awful customer services. Apparently calling their Customer Services dept. and saying 'Since you can't match the deal I've been offered, I'd like to cancel my contract when it expires' doesn't count, because the call agent didn't log that, so you end up paying for yet another month.
  • shades
    npower & halifax pair of robdogging bastards with poor customer service anmd shit quality control
  • zam
    MPs when was the last time they did anything productive they take for ever to make changes but they are experts at filling out expenses claims,. 3 gob shite customer services who would go on for days if uninterupted. Virgin media , BT if you dont have a line with them dont ever consider it.
  • Blond
    BT the scabie ridden whore of a telecoms provider. Very nice in her multi million advertising frock but once she lifts her skirt and u get a whiff of the foul unformentionables which are coming your way. Run Run for he hills and don't look back.. just run... run.
  • Darre
    Notice a trend here anyone ? Basically all of the most well known names appear on this list, and the question is why ? The answer is simple they are only interested in how much money they can extract from you, they are so big that a few lost customers in of no concern, they do whatever it takes to extract more money so their profits look good. If that means treating customers like crap then why not ?
  • Nymik
    Virgin Media, Everytime i ring them up to complain about my poor service, they transfer me to the 'correct' department and it just cuts off. Bastards, fleecing my dad, making him pay for a 20mbps line and we only get 1mb. It's a joke.
  • rude
    BT still acting like a monopoly
  • Truth
    HotUkDeals They pretend to be a site to find people great deals on all kinds of products when all they really are a group of people (site owners and admin) earning money from referral links to websites. Right con.
  • Luke O.
    Glasgow Rangers Fc
  • Viki
    Without even needing a moment to think about it, ebay. As a seller you may as well bend over and let them and all the crooked buyers take you from behind, and then charge you for the privelidge.
  • Dan P.
    Hutchison 3G and Ryanair. If there's a best company award... :)
  • AndyQ8
    Sports Direct / Sports World / Sports Soccer / Lillywhites / Donnay /Sport & Ski or whatever they've changed their name to this year. Years and years of terrible service, never-ending 'closing down' sales and refusing refunds on faulty goods. Stores that are incredibly over-stocked and difficult to move in. Staff who, (if they can speak English,) grunt at you or simply ignore you. Oh, and Mike Ashley as the owner - what more do you need!?
  • Fine C.
    Got to be TKMaxx, not only are they unable to price articles properly instore they wrongly accuse you of fraud and/or theft. Must be the biggest cowboy operation in the UK today bar none.
  • Reggie
    Bit surprised that people find O2 Customer Service poor. I switched to O2 Broadband after reading about the Quidco deal. No problems to date. The only time I rang Customer Service was to query what time the connection actually starts on the first day. Had assumed a fairly early start, but it turns out to be around 2.00pm. In fairness to O2 I actually spoke to a human being who spoke English straight away, try that with BT
  • beefy t.
    BT!!! bunch of shit cunts
  • Steve
    Has to be Barclays for me. They may have well just bent me over and raped me this year for the amount of money they have 'unlawfully' taken from me. Needless to say the account has been closed, yet they are still trying to take money off of me.
  • Bitteryoda
    Gotta be Virgin Media/NTL - they're just big corporate bullies!
  • ME
    Ebay/Paypal!!! They asking to much for a simpl selling and you have to use them both if you want to do a quick sale. Or they free postage? Anyone can find me a company who will post my staf to someone for free? Let me know!
  • emmac
    it has to be BT. I've lost literally hours and hours and hours trying to get a problem fixed and failed - dreadful
  • Anonymouse
    Vodafone! I moved from O2 to a Vodafone contract and regretted it ever since. I've never had so many problems with a company before. For Example: They charged me £6 for "admin costs" because I used a debit card to pay a monthly bill. Sure, £6 is too much, but the worst part was the only reason I couldn't set up direct debit was because their site was broken.. and it was broken for over 2 months.. (I'd contacted them by e-mail and phone to fix). For the first 3-4 months I was contacting them on a regular basis with problems/issues. I am now eagerly awaiting my contract to finish so I can move back to O2. The coverage is also terrible as for some reason if I go to Town or Tesco extra etc there is no signal. So.. 2 of the main most useful places I'd need a signal..and.. I can't ring anyone. Great.. My O2 phones always had a strong signal. It's not a problem with my phone either, as my friends on Vodafone also suffer from the same issue. Yup. Vodafone. Biggest disappointment of 2009.
  • Got W.
  • Serhiy
    1.Virgin media 2.CPW,talk-talk e2save
  • MY Y.
    Not forgetting HOTUKDEALS.COM. All they are interested in is earning commission from you buying things when you click on links to bargain that you and your fellow users have found. Deals Anarchy for the masses? Profiteering by doing nothing, more like it!
  • OFI
    "Posted by Jim | November 8th, 2009 at 6:35 pm cant really understand why o2 get a mention with their awards for best service but hey fair enough Ive never had better service , i was trying to upgrade my broadband and they told me to save my money as there will be no difference in speed as i was too far from the exchange which seems fair." I take it you're not one of the many thousands paying £17-23/mo for O2 BB Access and getting an unstable 0.3Mbps then.. LLU service is a very different thing. Check out O2s 'support forum' (which actually provides no support) for the pages and pages of confused customers barely able to browse and with no explanation.
  • charlie
    Hutchison 3G - blow the up!
  • Gotta be Orange for their contract change fuckup in the summer. It would be unfair to nominate anyone who has gone bust.
  • varun s.
    DEFO PCworld and Currys - DSG Group
  • Simon M.
    Virgin Media. Never have I come across such a badly run and organised company in my life. Lack of communications between departments and rude customer service staff who lied through their teeth in order to retain a customer. If the government counts you can add HMRC to the that as well. Absolutely awful. Took around four months to get my tax rebate after numerous calls and an official complaint, which I never received a reply to.
  • Mike B.
    Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail! Got the message yet?! Not just for strikes and pissing it up while on them but the poor service the management provide too! We have a different postie every week! Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail Royal mail !
  • Noodles 1.
    Without a shadow of a doubt Three Mobile..utter tripe company. Rubbish customer service, Rubbish phones and Rubbish reception. I shudder at the thought of having to speak to them. My contract is expiring in December, and I WILL cancel, no matter how good the deal is they offer me. The call centre all read from scripts, and you need to explain your problem numerous times and then you will get a half hearted response. They also sound really arrogant. As they say, you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys!Will pay a little more to get a decent mobile phone provider. Also Virgin Media from a year ago. Almost non existant broadband speed. Changed to o2 and it is a dream!
  • Dave D.
    Has to bell Dell, shocking Indian Customer Service...ordered 2 laptops totalling £1500, took 6 weeks to arrive, I applied for my free Windows 7 Upgrade (FREE) only to be charged £30 delivery and then another 2 week wait for the discs to arrive. Other nightmare companies are NPower, British Gas and the Royal Mail because the reapetedly steal my magazine sunscription and anything that ever looks like a DVD.....and a big thumbs down to any company that trys to extend credit to people with not much money by offering scandalous interest rates (MBNA, Catalogue companies) you should be ashamed.
  • Durka D.
  • Bunf
    Has to be SKY. Absolutely terrible. Takes forever to get through (which they charge you for if you're not ringing in a sky line) and then they pass you you around and no one seems to do anything. They get things wrong constantly. They mislead you and mis sell products. They break promises and are generally useless. BT aren't much better.
  • Jue
    1. RBS - incompetant fools with no clear communication between departments. They are currently STILL dealing with fraud commited on my card over a month ago. Every week they send me a letter asking me to ring them on a different 0845 number with another reason they will not refund money stolen from my account. They are literrally accusing me a trying to rob them, because they are not convinced it's fraud and I doubt they ever will until I turn detective myself and find the theiving culprit - to PROVE MYSELF to them. Inept fools, no wonder they are financially suffering! 2. Sky - total rip off organisation, overpriced. 3. Ebay/Paypal - smaller sellers suffer... if item not recievd by customer immediate refund given to customer before you can chase it up with Royal Mail. If customer claims item is not as described, full refund again! Not to mention the excessive charges both Ebay and Paypal claim off sellers. 4. Royal Mail - we all know why!
  • Tam
    Orange Broadband Customer Service gets my vote appaling service , very pricy now, slooooooooooow speeds, call centres must be in Mars the time it takes you get through to them , even then they don't understand plain english I hate Orange , rant over
  • BubaMan
    Orange - specifically Broadband technical support. It took 11 calls and a lot of shouting to speak to someone who wasn't reading from a script. Each time, they wouldn't let go any further until I went though their ineffective script and then they'd put me through to another idiot who would ask me to do the same! 1 person even hung up on me for being abusive when I said that I wasn't going to speak to a non-technical person - Maybe "non-technical" translates to something else in Bangalore. After 4 weeks, I eventually decided to connect a generic usb ADSL modem which cleared the fault. Maybe I should contract for them? I'm with Sky now who aren't much better... They promised in writing that I would be able to connect to my work via VPN and then I got told that they don't support it. After I threatened to cancel, I managed to get a Netgear router from them which does the trick. I can't recommend Sky but at least they can be bullied!
  • BK
    O2 - rubbish customer service and cancellations team have to be government agents the way they harass and call you a liar!
  • Coran
    PayPal/eBay! Because they operate a thoroughly illegal monopoly and vastly overcharge for a poor service.
  • cmwpds10
    Its got to be 'Three' Worst customer service ever. Then Sky would be next.
  • Carl
    1/ NINTENDO - DSI Firmware newish issue 1.4E 2/ DELL - no one said DELL yet due to missleading on their website goods - Phone service - poor 3/ SKY - can't understand their phone service same as Dell 4/ CITYLINK - never seams to ring my door bell when ever I have a parcel
  • Jason
    Royal Mail would get my vote, why can't they make this area more competative. They deliver stuff rarely, card me when i'm in and even made me collect something that was too big for my letterbox, which was designed to fit a standard letterbox, and clearly did.
  • Paul
    Barclaycard. Also, the local council (Perth and Kinross).
  • oldfart
    It's Barclays for me!
  • magicbeans
    o how i lold at thanks andy!
  • Steve
    Direct Line. Accident in June, car still not repaired. No contact from them, only when I chase them up.
  • H
    I'd go for 3, closely followed by Royal Mail.
  • Caroline
    Brought a dollhouse in the sale online, and when I went in to pick it up in store was told I'd cancelled the order! Rang them up and they said they had, had to cancel the order because there wasn't any stock though had been dollhouses in ASDA that week. Waiting for the money to go back in to the bank from them at the moment, however recieved a text a few days ago saying the order had been delayed!?
  • Rob
    Virgin Media, NPower are a close second to HALIFAX! Worst supermarket : Somerfield
  • Sean S.
    MAPLIN, HAS TO BE!!! Tried to get a digital compass to set up a satellite system. i live in Troon and the nearest store is East Kilbride (40 mins away). They said they had one in store and reserved it for me, drove all the way there to be told they didnt have one in stock. They told me to try Glasgow (another 30- 40 min drive and car park charge)store and said they would reserve me one there. Drove to Glasgow to be offered a compass without a box or instructions at the usual price!!! Obviously i got no appology for all the screw ups and the staff are thick as pig s**t, in conclusion, total waste of time and money and still no further forward!!!! MAPLIN WORSTE STORE OF THE YEAR!!!!
  • sam
  • Ellie
  • geezer
    3 Mobile royal mail
  • Sam H.
    BT and British Gas for me with the worst being Dell, had to take to court for a refund..
  • Naz
    Three Mobile leads the race loud and clear!! | | | | BT Dell Support EON
  • John P.
    I have to nominate a slightly leftfield example - the PC supplier Overclockers UK It's not so much their service or pricing - they are no better or worse than any of their competitors in this respect - but their owners reputation for using the companies forums to peddle his racist, homophobic agenda as some sort of right - as well as threatening his customers with violence and worse. The owner posts as 'Spie' - and Google searches for words like overclockers, spie, racism, thug will usually bring up a wide range of evidence of this behaviour. He even has his own entry in Urban Dictionary. I can't help thinking if T-Mobile or Sky did this there would be more attention thrown upon it - certainly it's an interesting way to run your business (into the ground - hopefully).
  • Paul S.
    Has anyone got the link to last years worst company in britain results?
  • N20Y1D
    The Labour Party
  • iainthegreat
    SKY - waited over a month for installation, when the came they didn't install due to satallite dish problen of some form, so waited another 2 weeks. In the end got an independant guy to do it. Then our sky plus didn't work (couldn't pause or record etc) but we still had to pay. Internet didn't get sent on time, neither did the phone package. Spent hours on hold and when we got through we got told the problem would be fixed within 24hrs, we had to phone up over 5 times to get the problem fixed! Absolute F*CKING NIGHTMARE! Don't do business with sky.
  • Dave P.
    This would have to go to Halifax. They cannot open a simple bank account without making multiple errors - and these errors aren't simple to resolve afterwards as they involve the Tax Office. And you go to resolve issues at a later date, with different staff members and even they'll end up doing cockups.
  • Cheywoly
    BT!!!!!! BT!!!!!!!! BT!!!!!!!!! BT!!!!!!!!!!! BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolute USELESS service, they don't understand you as ironically for a company called BRITISH TELECOMS there seems to be NO English speaking staff!!! I could go on but I feel I would get RSI typing it all! In a nutshell, I ended up emailing the chairman to get the problems I had resolved! HA!
  • Liz
    BT by far are the worst company, I can't even begin to list the reasons why bcos I'll get really stressed out so for the sake of keeping a nice healthy blood pressure level I'll just say the SUCK!
  • Bear
    British Gas – Left them and requested a final bill every month for 3 months, to no avail, then got a letter demanding final amount from a Credit Collection Agency (BG then refused to discuss why they had done this, even though I could provide dates/times/names of their staff I had spoken to, to request a final bill) O2 – If you plan on leaving them, allow at least 38 minutes per telephone call, before you even get to speak to a human! Ebay / Paypal - -Shafting sellers since 1995. Try craigs list instead, it’s free! Royal mail – [definition of 1st Class] we will aim to deliver your item, when we can be arsed, if we are not striking, by whoever can be arsed to do it! Just don’t expect it to be done for at least 3 days DSGi – ‘Unrepairable dead pixels on a brand new monitor does not make it faulty’....Yeah right BT – who sold my details to various companies who ring at all times of the day, then want to charge me for barring withheld numbers Please decide for yourself if you think any of the above examples are giving a good customer service....
  • MR T.
    Harvey's ahev got the be the worste company I have ever experienced. Customers services does not exist, they take your money and don't give you the goods. Plenty of chase-up phone calls and wasted days off work. Out of 100% they score -50% They are the world's worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roger G.
    SeeTickets, Barclays and ebay/paypal.
  • PaPaLazrou
    1. Npower - No bill sent in 6 months, wont send one, they've cancelled the direct debit every time I set one up! 2. DSGI - they do not follow their own price match policy, ignorant cunts and generally the reason why 'macs are better' - because there's no good pc retail channel! 3. THREE - need a language degree in urdu to cancel your contract. Can talk in english to start or renew a contract but mention the word 'cancel' and they go dumb. 4. Ebay & Paypal - scum 5. Royal Mail - Inefficent behemoth of a company, expensive, slow and shite. 6. BT - added £2.50 onto my bill for no reason, had to go online to take the 'option' (that I never opted for) off - wont refund the money. 7. Halifax - Their adverts still piss me off even though they arent on as much and the fact they blatantly lie about student overdrafts 8. Network Rail - delayed trains - reason was RAIN!! Fucking RAIN, its a train made of metal not a fucking piece of paper! expensive and ignorant conductors. 'free' wifi that doesnt work so why have it as a feature pointing out how shit they are. 9. GAME - shite, overpriced and dodgy service. 10. Subway - stupid fucking sandwich prices and pretends its healthy food when all the meat is reformed from eyes, arses and testicles
  • Ali
    npower and BT.
  • PaPaLazrou
    11. ticketmaster 12. seetickets both are shite, booking fees, then ticket handling fees when YOU PRINT IT OUT AT HOME!!!!!
  • Pete
    eBay without question.... sellers have no help from them...fees are stuplidly high.... why can a buyer leave negative feedback..... and when the buyer doesn't pay for something .. the seller can only leave positive.... And as for Royal Mail... yes they are not the best but you have to take things in to context...... """""Royal mail – [definition of 1st Class] we will aim to deliver your item, when we can be arsed, if we are not striking, by whoever can be arsed to do it! Just don’t expect it to be done for at least 3 days"""" And what do you expect for 39p ? if you want something delivered next day.... pay for it to be delivered next day ... £10+ for a courier...... the problem royal Mail has is the Recorded Signed For Service.... a complete nightmare... the tracking system doesn't work at all.... apart from Spec Dels which is a great service
  • paul
    Clubeasy - Student Landlord Worst company ever actually criminal, use bully tactics to get students to put up or shut up and basically live in shit. Take as much extra money out of your account as possible without permission or letter to say why, threaten to sue if you question the payment. I left the clubeasy house due to horrible conditions/no exit strategy by Clubeasy and refusal to advertise the house to a new tenant and 2 years on they are still trying to sue me.
  • magicbeans
    CHURCHILL!!! the retards! hate them. so unprofessional.
  • darren
    this has to be given to Littlewoods,their customer service is just appalling!! they are rude,conniving and never follow up customer complaints
  • 23rdian
    Royal Mail/PayPal - No refund to date on online postage. PayPal washed hands. Royal Mail difficult to reach on telephone (terrible automated menu and put me through to their internal IT department) Tesco - Battle to get refund when overcharged
  • lee
    Has to be BT really bad customer service had dial up speed broadband for a month before they sorted it, and trying to get the correct phone number for the correct department dont bother.
  • 23rdian
    Not to mention The Labour Party for destroying the whatever we had left of a country/economy
  • Gary
    Halifax for charging customers a £1 a day for arranged overdrafts Sky for the worst customer service I have had the misfortune to encounter.
  • sugarboymelinga
    has to be BT, I pay them £30 a month and their service is still shite, and im stuck with them for a further 10 months!!!!!!bbbbb
  • ElDong
    In no particular order: 1 - Virgin Media 2 - Virgin Media 3 - Virgin Media Without doubt the worst UK company I've had the misfortune to be a customer of.
  • SIMON B.
    Has to be BT "A complete Joke" BT = Blood Trouble 2nd or equal to is SKY .... another rob dog..... Customer Services are as much use as a Chocolate Firegaurd. 3rd is AOL customer services - can't even understand what your problem is with out spelling it.
  • El S.
    Royal Mail, by far!
  • Viper
    PayPal and those wankers EBay
  • Trotskiii (.
    Don't get me wrong some of these companies are poor but equally some of these comments are just pathetic. Virgin Media, Paypal/Ebay/Skype, Orange. Three I can accept but O2?.. How O2 are getting nominated when they have won numerous awards for their customer service and have always offered amazing service is beyond me. And the person who criticised their iPhone tariffs - have you actually compared the tariff to other countries ie US/Canada? There is a reason that Orange and Vodafone cannot better the O2 tariff and that is because your already have one of, if not the most competitive iPhone tariffs available worldwide! The iPhone is expensive but that is the point I'm afraid, its not a toy made by Nokia and you really do get what you pay for. I guess some people will always want something for nothing!
  • jeff
    It would be easier just to list the good UK based companies these days. No one gives a shit any more. The bigger the company the bigger the fraud.
  • john j.
    BT of course they are tossers
  • john j.
    sorry just remembered ebay and paypal are the biggest load of shite around! Used to sell on there but they started coming out with all sorts of shite so don't sell on there no more
  • Choo
    Jessops - people working in there knows nothing! Apple - just dislike them. overpriced.
  • Paul
    "Apple - just dislike them" Riiiiight... Now Shitanta have bit the dust, it has to be Phones4U. After dealing with them constantly while I was employed by a certain telecommunications company, I came to the conclusion that their entire workforce are useless, brainless fuckwits.
  • Andy
    errrr i dont think I've had 3 bad incidents all year.... homebase - repeatadly supplying me faulty sofas Adobe - took 3 weeks to issue me with a valid key for software legally purchased South yorkshire safety scamera partnership!!! would have said currys for supplying me a stereo sysem without the remote but the manager delivered it to my house and stayed to check it worked so....... and to the person who complained at virgin 10mb only giving just over 1MB download speeds, thats about right, all about the bits and bytes on the other side, orange have been fantastic with me this year cracking deal on the top phone at the time and virgin media have made it well worth my while not leaving them too!
  • Pharmacist78
    1) Virgin Media- Complete bunch of muppets 2) Orange- Long standing muppets.
  • Mike
    Ebay has to be!!
  • terrybig
    orange cause they just charge my mate £15 for new sime when she had her stolen nothing like kicking you when ya down eh next is all the companys who are taking the fuel costs up and up about time we had a moan about it again till its back under a quid hell asda 104.9 some places 110.9 so some 1 is making nice cash eh
  • terrybig
    phone recycle sites we all know the names they recycle your unwanted phones for cash u have an old phone pop in the details and guess what they will only give you a £1 in most cases they just want the new latest and grate units funny eh
  • terrybig
    oh and forgot one place els cash converters they rob you blind give you as little warrenty as possible if it breaks try telling you we can swap it or credit note NO NO NO NO NO its faulty and you have to give the money back get that right and pay a fair price then its an ok shop nearly
  • Nick
    I would like to vote for BT. Useless bunch of morons that don't understand because they aren't in/from England. When asked to speak to a manager was on hold for over 30 minutes. After trying this 5 times I was informed there was no manager there!!! After 4 hours on the phone and several calls to other departments. I resorted to calling my BT local business department and they eventually got me a credit for the 850 they were trying to charge me for a line they never installed and broadband I never ordered!!!! I am going to promptly send them a bill for wasting my time. BT should be broken up...they are everything that is wrong with Britain today. the BT angry customer video on youtube. Hilarious and must say I almost got to this point sometimes. As for complaints about ebay... I purchased 4 michael jackson tickets off there for 620.00. After 4 weeks of trying to get my money out of the seller. I called ebay who immediately refunded me. Not bad customer service if you ask me. Also ebuyer...whats the deal there? one of the simplest nicest companies iv ever had the pleasure to deal with. I recommend them to EVERYBODY and if neighbours want items purchasing you can bet your bottom dollar ill buy from them. Thanks
  • Will
    Has to be VIRGIN MEDIA they are without a doubt robbing, conning thieves. Just lies and rip offs.
  • matty-me
    oh yeah forgot all about Ryanair!
  • RT
    1. nPower - complete bunch of useless bastards. Made up an account and had the nerve to try and get over £500 out of me. Case still ongoing 10 weeks later 2. PayPal - refunded money from a dodgy sale then took it back, and now can't challenge it!
  • Daniel B.
    i'm with a lot of people on here Virgin Media! unhelpful. robot like customer services totally mistifying bills communiction is not in there vocabulary! why haven't we seen them on watchdog yet?
  • Jamey K.
    Computershare Vouchers (formerly Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers). Useless. The point of this company (for those of you without kids) is to take some cash out of your wages before you pay tax, then give it to your childcarer. It's just that they don't seem to be able to do this without something going wrong ... e v e r y m o n t h ... They forget to send it; send it on the wrong date; send it early, rescind it then fail to send it when they were meant to without letting you know; randomly rebrand, change their systems and mess up all the payments you spent 6 consequtive months patiently explaining to them...and each time you have to wait 10 minutes getting through because their online portal doesn't work or suddenly needs a user ID they haven't given you. And because the employer chooses the voucher company, there is no choice for end users to switch to competitors. Frankly, I'd rather pay tax.
  • Mike
    Ebay and Paypal, paypal sends me a £10 voucher to use on I ebay, I bid and win an item, go to use voucher and it dont work, I pay the seller, report the issue to paypal who deny sending me the voucher in the first place. Robbing cunts
  • Jake
  • dee
    1. Game (1. They sent me a pre-owned console with a stlyus that was completely chewed. (took them over a week to send a replacement stylus.) 2. The dsi preowned console didn't even work and had to be sent back. 3. On contacting them to get a refund for said dsi, and being told that was fine, i then received a replacement dsi and no refund! 4. They have a lovely habit of ignoring emails. I contacted them on the 4th of this month regarding not having a refund and still havent had a reply.) 2. BT (1.Total bunch of cowboys. 2. Way over the top engineer costs. 3. They made us pay £180 for a replacement main box as "it was placed on a damp wall", (which wasn't our fault as it was on that wall when we moved in).) 3. Orange. (1. Terrible customer service. 2. They ignore emails. 3. They don't provide the service they promise. (I bought a sim card with them last year which was supposed to have £10 credit, after registering i received nothing, sent them about 3 emails and nothing, phoned up as was told my credit would be put on my phone on 48 hrs but nothing, phoned again and just got put on hold for about half and hour.. gave up and never used orange since.)
  • dee
    Oh yeah, and can i add sky too. 1. An absolute terrible company to work for ( they treat their staff like s**t.) 2. Only care about targets and not their customers. (They have this call back system running where they actually have the nerve to ask customers who have rang and waited on hold if they can arrange a call back for another day1)
  • everythingisrubbishnowadays
    CARPHONE WAREHOUSE. bought a laptop off them recently which promised a 'free' windows 7 upgrade. Turns out i gotta pay 4 it. Crooks. BT for aforementioned reasons CURRYS for selling my mum a faulty machine and refusing to refund it. and can i mention my local turkish-owned corner shops? No? They're just so rude to people.
  • n2l
    Tesco Direct. After-sales customer service is absolutely awful. This company has grown far, far too big to care.
  • DHL a.
    Those knob heads at DHL accounts. Quick to take your money but total tossers to pay back what they have overcharged you for. Every invoice from them has been overcharged by as much as £250. For small companies like me who check invoices i am lucky but for big organisations DHL will fuck them nicely. DHL will not return calls, will not resolve issues, will make themselves very unacccessible.
  • Worst F.
    [...] Worst company competition Come on, tell us the Worst Company In Britain | BitterWallet [...]
  • DaveCordes
    Sony. 6 year-old, £800 digital TV no longer functions after Freeview retune, but they will allow £160 trade-in - Ha!
  • Benjaman
    My nomination pttdesign
  • bruceloon
    Every organisation that has an automated answering system making you listen to a list of options then puts you back on a ring tone whilst waiting for an answer or getting cut off. .
  • Cheltenham 2.
    If Denman wins I wouldnt guess the Gold Cup Betting would be affected as a win is anticipated but if Denman got beat we could see Kauto Star contract up to a really short price indeed.
  • Ginger L.
    My husband and I were in the process of having our first home built, which was something we were extremely happy about. However, the lending company needed us to come up with several documents, for all the paperwork to go through. My husband made use of our computer to search for bankruptcy court public records. This saved him a lot of time. With that out of the way, we were finally able to fax all of the documents to the lenders. A few days later we received the phone call we had been waiting for. We got approved for the funding to have our house built.
  • Azucena V.
    salve!, grazie moltissimo delle informazioni, sono state ottime! Vi consiglio questo ebook di trading gratuito
  • ip m.
    Yes. You should be able to do this. Just simply connect to your work VPN as usual while inside the VM. The host (your main desktop) will remain unaffected.
  • Car S.
    I read some thing very much the same to your post at techcrunch... anyway, I feel car audio is usually misunderstood but has a lot of fantastic quality manufacturers as well. -Best, Alex Baumgartner
  • Elwyn R.
    I can't tell you which is the worst company in Britain,but I can tell you which is the worst council. BLAENAU GWENT COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL. This is most DEFINITELY the WORST council in the whole of the UK. They are known in the borough as The Muppets. The state of the streets are a disgrace as they are full of potholes. The only time that the council spruces up the area is when some outside festival,such as the recent National Eisteddfod,is held in the borough. Many of the back lanes are strewn with rubbish and rat-infested and the streets are also rubbish-strewn. No self respecting person would want to live in this slag heap of a borough if they had a choice. If anyone is contemplating visiting Blaenau Gwent my very strong advice is DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!
  • Isidra Y.
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  • Alex M.
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  • Mark W.
    Worst company in Britain? That would be 3 owned by Hutchison 3g UK Ltd. More negative reviews than any other UK network now and at any time since 3 began trading - in 2003 there were 14 times more complaints made to the regulator by 3 customers than for any other UK network. Terrible customer services, terrible service, arrogant, misleading, full of marketing hype with little end product, no desire to improve and has knowingly and irresponsibly oversubscribed its own network to the detriment of the paying customer right under the nose of the regulator who has done nothing. STAY WELL AWAY FROM 3!
  • Marylyn D.
    Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as proficient on this subject, I harmonise with your determinations because they create sense. Gives Thanks and goodluck to you.moncler jackets for kids ab12abcd8952abcdeft
  • J. R.
    BRITISH GAS Utterly incompetent, bullying and rude, they actually continue to send me bills for a house I have not lived in for over a year, (a house that I vacated having paid in full what I owed), and still threaten to 'mess up' my credit rating if I don't pay. They must be the only company I've come across that makes BT look quite efficient and pleasant.
  • disgruntled b.
    Compass Group- bullies, poor pay, no staff discounts
  • Clinton D.
    Apologize for this noob question. Could you tell me what this site skin is? I really love it. Or is it custom one, maybe? I believe it can be a decent option for adsense as well. I’d like it if you can tell me about this. Thanks.
  • Climbalmeda
    click to view at my estore and get big save
  • Michael C.
    I also think that BGCBC is a total washout. I moved to the borough about 22 years ago from Welshpool, and I've noticed how poor the state of the roads are and whenever you contact the council they rarely respond to your complaints. I don't blame the ordinary council workmen, the problem lies with the heads of department. They should all face the sack, in my opinion. The CEO, Robert Waggett is an arrogant pig of a man who doesn't have the common decency to reply to letters and emails of complaint. BGCBC definitely wins the Blue Riband for worst council in the United Kingdom.
  • Susan P.
    could not agree more about blaenau gwent council they are crap. why we pay council tax i will never know. we do not get anything done in this borough. bg council are a disgrace.

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