Come on - send us feral trolley pics and win some prizes!

5122GXGKVKL._SS500_ Just a reminder that for a short while, we’ll be rewarding those of you who furnish us with the finest pictures of the feral shopping trolleys that you’ve spotted.

Snappers of the next five trolleys to be featured on our home page will win a copy of the highly-regarded The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification by Julian Montague, a book that some say is the first and last place to go if you want to see a load of abandoned shopping trolleys collected together in a book.

There’ll also be some Dolly Mixtures for the winner as well, solely because their name rhymes a bit with ‘trolley pictures’ - although we haven’t been out and bought them yet and aren’t entirely sure that you can still get them. Ah well.

Send your red-hot trolley shots to us at [email protected] then sit back and see if you’ve got a prize coming to you. We’re waiting…


  • James N.
    pretty sure asda do dolly mixtures still.
  • maxtweenie
    Does it count if the feral trolleys are still attached to the feral inbreds on their way out of Tesco?
  • digriz
    Never got my book or dolly mixtures. If only there was a website that would look into dodgy dealings and misrepresentation. :P
  • LG
    As a teenager I worked for a major supermarket and was one of the poor drones who track down and return feral trolleys. Best one I can recall was stuck upside-down over the top of a tall roadsign. Don't know how they got it up there (they're heavier than they look) but A+ for effort!

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