Colonel served live chicken by inept buffoons

It's yet another example of broken Britain - a pair of nobbish goons throwing a live chicken through the window of KFC in Nuneaton. Appalling. Is there nothing we can do as a society about this? The video production skills are shocking - are we teaching these giggling tits nothing in our schools? Furthermore, if you're the sort of prick doing this sort of thing, it's probably best not to post the video under your real name.

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  • ash
  • iphone u.
    clucking flowns
  • Rich
    Is there a chicken holding the camera too...clucking away like a good'un
  • Nob
    This was always clearly intended for youtube, so why not shoot in landscape?
  • Matt
    Wait, is the guy filming doing a chicken impression, or is that just his gimpy laugh?
  • StauntonLick
    When I first heard about this I thought it was some kind of animal welfare stunt, not two giggling public schoolboys playing a boorish and humourless prank. The KFC staff have apparently called the chicken "Mrs Sanders". They've definitely won on the humour stakes, although it was low scores all round.
  • Bob_regis
    This is what his facebook profile says..... "I aint scared of hard work, always want the last word, some say I'm hard to work out like a password [email protected] You only live once, do something if you want to do it and say something if you want to say it! Get out get drunk an enjoy it! Sound" What a cunt bucket!
  • Paul C.
    He does appear to be one of the sorts of people I see on around on a Saturday night and wish they were burnt to fuel the national grid. Forget Fossil Fuels - we've got plenty of fuckwits like this cunt we can burn for at least a while yet.
  • chicken l.
    Im sure we can really laugh when we see him on the news being charged for animal cruelty - etc etc - slow news day

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