Coca-Cola Xmas truck to tour Britain

cokelore_santa_toys_cutout While the loudest people on the internet are too cool, and too cynical to enjoy Christmas, the majority of people can't wait to see the unofficial signifier of the Yuletide - the Coca-Cola truck. Even if you hate the blasted thing, the mere mention of it earworms you with 'holidays are coming, holidays are coming...'.

Well, the big red Coke truck is going to be touring these shores in the build-up to Christmas, presumably giving away free stuff as they go.

It'll stop at 46 locations around the country, and will almost certainly be an Instagram opportunity for fans of Christmas.

Check your local press to see where it'll be exactly, or check this map. These are the dates if you want in:

Inverness – 20th Nov
Fraserburgh – 21st Nov
Perth – 22nd Nov
Edinburgh – 23rd Nov
Newquay – 24th Nov
Glasgow – 24th Nov
Tavistock – 25th Nov
Gateshead – 26th Nov
Paignton – 26th Nov
Barnstaple – 27th Nov
Middlesbrough – 27th Nov
Penrith – 28th Nov
Yeovil – 28th Nov
Morecambe – 29th Nov
Weymouth – 29th Nov
Newtown – 1st Dec
Colwyn Bay – 2nd Dec
Llanelli – 2nd Dec
Cardiff – 3rd Dec
Chester – 3rd Dec
Liverpool– 4th Dec
Swindon – 4th Dec
Manchester – 5th Dec
The O2 Greenwich, London – 5th Dec
The O2 Greenwich, London – 6th Dec
Wigan – 6th Dec
Huddersfield – 9th Dec
Great Yarmouth – 9th Dec
Bury St Edmunds – 10th Dec
Leeds – 10th Dec
Ripon – 11th Dec
Watford – 11th Dec
Bridlington – 12th Dec
Reading – 12th Dec
Gloucester – 13th Dec
Sheffield – 13th Dec
Bournemouth – 16th Dec
Nottingham – 16th Dec
Leicester – 17th Dec
Winchester – 17th Dec
Peterborough – 18th Dec
Eastbourne – 18th Dec
Margate – 19th Dec
Romford – 20th Dec
TBC, London – 22nd Dec
Leicester Square, London – 23rd Dec


  • The H.
    Advertising at its disgusting best, what a crock of shit
  • bob
    Since when has christmas been about this shit? Anyone looking forward to seeing the coke truck arrive in their town should probably be run over by it.
  • Neal
    But its a 'm a g i c' truck. It is in Newquay and Glasgow on the same day. Just like Santa (isn't)
  • Rhi
    I'm not too cynical and you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who thinks I'm cool, I just think people who look forward to being advertised at are sad bastards. Same with the people genuinely interested in the "premiere" of the John Lewis ad. It's icky, like watching someone eat bugs. Technically there's nothing wrong with it, but you can't help but feel there might be something wrong with *them* for being so willing.
  • Shopper
    Unofficial signifier of the Yuletide? Ridiculous "tradition". Besides, it's a LORRY not a TRUCK, please.

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