Coca Cola in further bother

In what is no doubt an attempt to stop people harassing them about their sponsorship of the Winter Olympics, Coca-Cola thought they’d do something about it. Perhaps.

As always with the bunfight that are the Superbowl advertising spots, the soft drink behemoth rolled out “It’s Beautiful”, featuring scenes from American life set to the tune of America The Beautiful (someone clearly earning their bonus with that level of Do? You? See???-ness), sung in a variety of languages to reflect America’s cultural diversity, and even featured some gay parents.

Obviously, the large percentage of America, um, embraced this as only they know how – by being shits on social media. Most of them asking why a traditional English speaking country’s corporation would feature other languages, seemingly unaware of stuff like globalisation.

As if that wasn’t depressing enough, #SpeakAmerican became a trending topic on Twitter. Which judging by some of the ‘commentators’ remarks, was an irony vacuum of its own making. Why not see for yourself and adjust your inner enrage-o-meter to suit.

Or you could just think “it’s an advert, the Earth didn’t crash into the Sun after all”.


  • MarkByrn
    A first - a liberal defending the corporate sugar water obesity machine but as a moderate, I saw the ad as nothing more than unvarnished pandering that would only end up pissing off the neo-cons.
  • thingonaspring
    any chance of elaborating on the "large percentage" there?
  • Gherkin M.
    It that still the same trolley?
  • Cock-a-hoop
    @ MarkByrn: Cola is fizzy, isn't it?

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