Co-op: Taking over more pubs

Co-op The Co-op, when not being beleagured by palaver, is planning on turning 54 former Marston's pubs into stores.

That means, less time spent feeling wonderful while supping on a lovely ale and more time idly staring at tubs of dips and pizzas with chutney on them.

The Co-op opened 291 convenience stores in the past 12 months, and sales in this channel were up 6.1% in volume and 9.1% to March 1. However, thanks to us all liking beer, these c-stores have been a bit controversial when CAMRA got a bit narked at Co-op turning 208 pubs into hummus-fests since 2012.

These leases run for 15 years as well, so if your favourite pub gets closed down, you'll have to find somewhere else to drink. For the record, it doesn't seem like Co-op are commandeering park benches, so there's always that.

New River still has 148 former pubs and claims: “The remaining part of the portfolio will be conventional conversions from public house use to c-stores, or redeveloped as standalone convenience retail stores."

"New River will undertake all planning, development and contract requirements to deliver the end product to The Co-operative Group. It is expected that the majority of the completed assets will be delivered within two years."


  • reggie w.
    hi,we hava a cpub called the jolly miller on hendal lane,kettlethorpe wakefield just begging for a coop makeover,and in crigglestone village one pub demolished for housing one pub,the gardners arms has closed.there is no village shop or post offic,hundreds of houses being built with no provision for retail opps.get cracking coop.the only facility is a working mens club on its last legs and the car park is massive on a level on the table is money in the bank on this one.regards,reg a coop member for a long time.
    The amount of pubs and clubs in our area that have been either converted, closed or demolished is disheartening but not surprising given the price of corporate piss.

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