Co-op Customer gets busted, then overcharged

Some famous breasts, yesterday
A Co-op in Jersey has overcharged a customer in the most unusual way. Basically, what's happened is that a shopper was overcharged when buying some fruit and veg thanks to the sales assistant's breasts. A customer at the branch voiced her concerns after she was charged almost £2 for a pepper that should have cost 79p.

When a supervisor investigated, and the customer got all of her fruit and veg reweighed (sorry, this all sounds like puns now), it transpired that she'd been overcharged to the tune of nearly £5.

And it was the cashier's jugs - which had been resting on the scales as she was weighing the goods - which caused the problem. This means that loads of customers may have paid too much for their produce.

Jim Hopley, chief executive of Channel Islands Co-operative, presumably trying to keep a straight face, said that it was the result of a low-slung chair as opposed to a gigantic pair of whappers.

"We have now adjusted the chair. We also checked the till receipt to see if anyone else had been overcharged."

Good thing it wasn't Lolo Ferrari or it could have been thousands of pounds over the odds. And no, we're not suggesting that a dead actress from the adult entertainment industry should be propped up behind a till and made to work.

The assistant concerned is apparently "mortified" by the incident, he said, and is currently receiving support from the Co-op's HR department.

SUPPORT LIKE A GOOD BRA! Geddit?! Oh, piss off.



  • -]
    Hasn't this article been on BW before? I'm sure I saw it on here a few days back...
  • John S.
    Shanks here. I'd pay more to be served by someone with big tits. Supermarkets should have a specific 'DD' checkout only staffed by buxom ladies.
  • Paul C.
    You may have seen it already because someone posted the link a day ago in their comment.
  • Cheesey
    # Posted by John Shanks | November 10th, 2010 at 12:26 pm Shanks here. I’d pay more to be served by someone with big tits. Supermarkets should have a specific ‘DD’ checkout only staffed by buxom ladies. ____ I'd pay more too. But only if they whipped 'em out and rested them on the scales.
  • Paul C.
    Let's be honest. If your tits can touch the scales, she's either a fat slag with massive droopy tits or a midget with disproportionate breasts. Not Keeley Hazell.
  • Junkyard
    How are they going to "check the till receipt" to see if this happened to anyone else? Does the receipt note whether a pair of breasts was resting on the scales at the time of weighing, utilising special sensors?
  • Nobby
    Are they sure it was a woman cashier?
  • -]
    Paul - I saw the link in someone's comment and thought to myself "why did they post that here, it is both irrelevant and has already been an article on BW". Due to BWs lack of a search engine I can't find it now. Maybe I imagined it the first time, which is scary - have I started dreaming about BW?

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