Clinton Cards show off its sensitive, homophobic side

In the second of an adhoc series we're spontaneously calling "What year is it again?", here's a peek at what Clinton Cards have been selling in whatever decade they're currently stuck in:

Pink News - Battyboy Clinton Cards

A spokeswoman for Clinton Cards said: “We are aware of the card in question and are withdrawing it from our stores. The stocking of this card was a result of a flaw in our procurement process."

Ah, a flaw, yes. They accidentally commissioned and subsequently ordered the printing of several thousand cards to be stocked nationwide. It's doubtful anyone in the process even saw the card. It could happen to any of us.


  • PokeHerPete
    I found that card amusing. You can't make a joke these says without anyone being offended. So everyone can fuck off, if I want to give out Batty Boy, God even loves gingers or Christmas cards I fucking will.
  • Nob
    I agree with the gays. Gays should not be pictured in any form. Just like Mohammed.
  • james d.
    Yes PokeHerPete you can, but this is about a major chain peddling the idea that a gay man would be a uselss super hero because he is too effeminate.
  • Brad
    Everyone just needs to stop being fucking offended by everything, get some group who no one ever heard of moan to the media and thats it shit your pants. Mexico can fuck off as well.
  • PokeHerPete
    Hey everybody! Paul Smith subscribes to Pink News! *snigger*
  • zeddy
    @james dewitt: Fuck's sake! That's why you never heard of Batman's other side-kick, Nobbin. He was fucking hopeless. He loved it when the Riddler was on his case.
  • Borris J.
    But Mr Dewitt there's no mention that Batty Boy is gay.... the term actually refers to effeminate men, which Batty Boy is. So homosexuals cannot be offended by it. The card is utterly shit though, so they could be withdrawing it on that ground. The only funny cards are those with vegetables looking at porn.
  • Nick T.
    @ PokeHerPete I think you meant to say *snicker*, not THAT.
  • zeddy
    @Nick T: Why did you have to bring Mr T into it? Or was that PokeHerPete?
  • Jimbob
    Offensive or not, that card is not the slightest bit funny.
  • Total H.
    Be fun. Be flamboyant. But never forget. The bum is the devil's tunnel.
  • maxtweenie
    Here we go again. Somebody somewhere is offended by something. What a fecking country we live in. No doubt some effeminate Batty Boy will sue Clinton's at the taxpayer's expense for the 'distress' the card caused him/her. It's no wonder people flock here from all over the world. Soon there'll only be 12 people paying any money into the system for the other 72 million to sponge off.
  • Frankie
    Hell yeah it is offensive, so it should be. As these guys are causing me offense. Women is a beutifull and marriage is allways BW a man and a women. I hate BBC who constently puting gay couples in these programmes couples buying selling houses. and to the editor of this article who wrote "what year we are living in" Years or CALENDAR do not make some thing RIGHT. No matter what year we living in, this thing is wrong So you think when people get use to something , it suddenlt becomes RIGHT?
  • Bazinga
    What are they doing with all the ones being removed from the shelves? That could give me a lifetime of birthday/Christmas/Easter/wedding/condolence card supplies.
  • The B.
    Whoah. @Frankie, try not scraping your knuckles along the keyboard, maybe your spelling will improve?
  • Isaac H.
    Why does this country worry about offending a section of society who like to drop anchor in poo bay?
  • me
    This card is an utter offense... Batman is smiling!!!
  • klingelton
    If they're withdrawing it from sale, can i have it? I find it amusing. It's a bit of light hearted fun.
  • Neil
    Well I found it funny, some people are just down right miserable.
  • Tom
    Her finger names offend me as they are red and red is the colour of the devil so I vote to ban all red nail polish.
  • maxtweenie
    @Tom - Finger names? Do you have names for all of your fingers?
  • Shooter M.
    If there's one thing worse than whinging shirtlifters, it's whinging lefties that think they know best.

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