Clearer product description required, Sainsburys

You know what it is really. We know what it is really. It's still not quite right though, is it?

Bitterwallet - Innocent Kids juices

@solarpilchard on Twitter via [TwitPic]


  • PFC H.
    Does this count towards one of my 5 a day?
  • Internet T.
    This is about as funny as an earthquake
  • Gary G.
    These types of things are much cheaper in the Philippines.
  • w0nKeY H.
    Your mums an earthquake.
  • Steady E.
    ...and your dad's Shakin Stevens.
  • LanceVance
  • Me
    Well it made me laugh you miserable bunch of cunts.
  • oliverreed
    My Sainsbury's put up pointless notices pointing out that the item I'm looking at on the shelf is the same price in Tesco, wonderful news, how about trying being cheaper try cutting out the pointless shelf gumpf!
  • amazon
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