Clean up your act - here come the cinema ninjas!

Going to the cinema can be a colossal pain in the arse, what with all the other people and their diabolical behaviour. Talking, using their mobiles, kicking up a fuss when you try and dip your finger in their hot cheese, it’s enough to make you want to stop going to the cinema altogether, once your banning order over the hot cheese incident has lapsed.

But good behaviour could be returning to London’s Prince Charles Cinema if their new ‘cinema ninjas’ have anything to do with. In what is blatantly a publicity stunt, volunteers at the cinema are dressing up in black body suits and creeping around the auditorium, helping maintain order and keeping the hot cheese where it should be.


  • Justin A.
    They've got a point though. I've been in the Prince Charles and seen a middle aged woman become infuriated when a teen girl was kicking the back of her chair. The woman and her husband kicked off with the girl and her friend and chased them out of the screening! There should be a cinema etiquette guide for people to adhere to. Nobody should spoil anyone else's evening with selfish and inconsiderate behaviour.
  • Bungle2000
    If they put suits on they would look like Slender Man, would scare the crap out of people then.
  • Tim B.
    Right idea, completely wrong implementation. This will end one way - teenagers being idiots to try and get the ninjas to come out. You want to enforce order, go back to 80s cinemas - a grumpy old woman selling popcorn and shit in the corner, and throwing out without warning anyone being a dick.
  • kv
    0:08 DAT ASS!
  • Dick
    This will work really well in almost empty cinemas like the one shown. Try creeping around like that in a full cinema. No chance. Plus I'd feel that ass up in the dark.
  • Greg M.
    About time too. I stopped m Cineworld pass because I was sick of people using the cinema as a social club and talking on their mobiles. It drove me up the wall.
  • smashingnicey
    I hate it when grumpy old women shit in the corner

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