Clean up with this awfully posh vacuum cleaner

Here’s a gizmo that would have the WAGS forming an orderly, sweet-smelling queue; or at least it would if WAGS did queues, which they obviously don’t. They probably don’t do vacuuming either, which is another reason why there won’t be a massive demand for this one.

Following on from the gold bike that we featured recently, here’s a blinged-up Electrolux vacuum cleaner, adorned with 3730 Swarovski crystals and yours to take away and use to suck up your muck for just £13,825.

Created by Polish fashion designer Lukaz Jemiol, it’s even made it into the hallowed pages of the Guinness Book Of Records as the most valuable vacuum cleaner in the world. We think the previous holder of the record housed over eight years-worth of Elvis Presley’s discarded toenail clippings.



  • Celticsun
    Bet you still have to put a bag in the damn thing... ffs
  • ladylovesit
    I would have to put this on my mantle piece (If I had the money!) (oh & if I had a mantle piece) Elvis nail clippings now there's a thought!!
  • Amanda H.
    Looks like Dolly Partons Hair dryer to me.
  • ladylovesit
    Looks more like her bush trimmer.
  • magicbeans
    but it aint no dyson.....!!

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