Classified FAIL - one bedroom apartment, great place to crash

Rich enough to own an apartment in one of Brooklyn's up and coming hipster neighbourhoods? You lucky blighter. Well, what better way to sell it to a potential new owner than with your window view across the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge! But wait! Why use a recent photograph to draw the punters in, when you can use one taken nine years ago in the aftermath of biggest ever terrorist attack on US soil? Isn't it pretty? Pity that smog hanging over downtown Manhattan ruins the shot:

Bitterwallet - like terrorism? but my nyc flat today!
The listing on the New York Times website has now been taken down. Odd that.


  • CanonCan't
    A clever bit of Photoshop recreating the aftermath of the WTC collapse? Well of course, that would be fine.... cock.
  • kev
    it's not real, 9/11 was at 9am when it would have been bright, and all the dust/soke would have cleared by nightfall
  • Alan S.
    @kev are you serious? 1 months after it, and there was still smoke coming out of the rubble.
  • charitynjw
    Plane stupid!
  • Paul S.
    @Kev - yeah, Alan's right - the dust hung around downtown Manhattan for weeks. There are plenty of nighttime images online taken after the attack.

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