City Link RIP

death grim reaper dead Parcel deliverers City Link, who employ 2,727 people, has gone into administration, according to administrators Ernst & Young.

The company have now stopped taking packages from customers at their head office and other hubs around the country.

Bad darts indeed.

All operations will be suspended until 29th December to allow the administrators to assess the company.

At present, there are no redundancies being made among the employees.


  • Fagin
    Not known as "shittylink" for nothing. please, take yodel next.
  • WBR
    I am genuinely gutted for all their hard working staff. The guy who regularly delivered Amazon parcels to us here from their Hemel Depot is a top bloke. Amazon shifted to Yodel who gave us nothing but irritation and incompetence by comparison. How that shower continue whilst these folks go down the pan, the management must be imbeciles.
  • Mad B.
    Parcel delivery firms live or die on the quality of their staff, and although City Link had some great staff, they were very stubborn about dealing with the really bad ones. I am going to miss my local delivery staff; they are a good bunch ( plus I have known one since he was 11 years old!!); but a few years back I had some really bad experiences with a delivery driver. Several deliveries went missing in the space of a few days - BUSINESS deliveries totalling thousands of pounds. C.L kept claiming I had received them, and had my signature on the delivery notes; it took weeks to force them to show me copies and when I saw them I went ballistic - apparently they could not tell the difference between the hundreds of copies of my signature they have on file and a badly scrawled set of BLOCK CAPITALS. It wasnt until I threatened to call the Police that they started to take notice, and it was SIX WEEKS before my parcels were found - in an abandoned garage 4 doors along from my address. Experiences like this reflect badly on the whole company, and not just the rogue driver, and there are far too many of them reported on forums for any company to survive.
  • Jose E.
    This is a shame...disgraceful timing. Good luck to everyone. Don't worry, have a great chrimbo - I've a strong feeling you'll be ok.
  • A w.
    Sshh! hear that? .... thought I heard a deathwatch beetle ... certainly wasn't anyone commenting on here anymore ... well done trolls ...

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