Cider crisis! say insiders

cider A cider drought may be an actual thing, according to reports. The flooding during the winter ruined approximately 17,500 acres of orchards.

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) have warned its members to prepare for the worst, as farmers in the West of England will now have to wait until May to see how much damage has been done to them apples.

The trees may now be so saturated, that they may no longer blossom, and this crisis could affect the crops for the next few years.

Paul Bartlett, NACM chairman, told the Bristol Post: “We hope for the best though recognise that the potential impact could seriously affect the income of growers this season and for several years to come.”

Companies such as Bulmers, which takes 90% of its apples from local orchards, are said to be a bit worried too.

This news comes after fruit growers enjoyed a bumper crop last year following a dry winter. Will this mean cider is going to become really expensive? Even cans of Ace?

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