Chocolate you can inhale for cocoa junkies on the move

What’s the best thing about being 10? Why it’s eating loads of chocolate of course! Now, what’s the best thing about being 11? Why it’s discovering glue-sniffing of course!

Finally, a product has been developed that straddles those two, equally important childhood pursuits, and it’s accessible to real live grown-ups like you lot. It’s breathable chocolate from Le Whif – they reckon a quick toot on one of these gives you the same sensation as eating chocolate but with none of the calories.

Hang on, the same as eating it? What, sitting in the corner of a darkened room wearing just your underpants? With melted Galaxy all over your hands and around your mouth and a pile of discarded wrappers around your bloated body as you rock backwards and forwards, crying your eyes out while trying to suppress the urge to vomit?

Perhaps Le Whif need to do a little bit more research before they make such bold claims…


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  • no,I'mspartacus
    I prefer to snort a line of Mars bars.

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