Chill Out On Dubai's Versace Beach

As the rest of the planet cowers in the face of recession, in Dubai, they’re going from strength to strength as they seek to establish paradise on Earth.

The latest rich man’s gimmick – a refrigerated Versace beach to stop holidaymakers from burning their feet.

True genius – we’ll be back later with more developments we expect to see from the place where money and madness are off the map. Feel free to suggest your own below...


  • Martin
    How about a football club where a rich man pumps in millions to create exciting football ... no, that wouldn't happen.
  • dre
    how about a free red light district?
  • qwertyu
    dre - it's called amsterdam
  • lol
    /\ its not free, trust me
  • Mike H.
    ^^ You get a free dose of Herpes or VD though ^^
  • Mike H.
    What about pointlessly moving the entire City of Dubai, 10 meters down the road? Or you could ensure that each and every grain of sand is no more than 2Microns in diameter, by measuring them by hand, and individually relocating any offending grains, by rowing boat to England where we clearly aren't good enough.

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