Cheeses wept, Tesco - where's the rest of my sandwich?

Presumably the packaging promised slightly more than an unbuttered slice of bread and an amount of cheese that would see Tom Thumb waste away. Heartbreaking.

Bitterwallet - Tesco cheese sandwich fail

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  • Chris H.
    'No Mayo' as advertised tho.
  • Andrew R.
    I also like how you overlayed it on a lined notepad as if to look studious. Niiiice.
  • Joff
    As we can't see the full label I would suggest the sandwich is only being sold as "piece of cheese in bread", so slightly misleading gullible Bitterwallet readers. What are the regulations of food labelling when it comes to sandwiches? The label in the pic states "No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours" but I'd guess the bread itself is packed full of crap. Anyway, who buys sandwiches from Tesco!?
  • Delenn
    Serves the guy right for paying £1.05 for a sandwich. Man up for £3 and get an All Day Breakfast sandwich. Either that or spend your quid on a hot pie from the same Tesco store.
  • crap
    2 days after its best before date too. take it back
  • Goity
    ...Is it wrong that I kind of want that sandwich?
  • PokeHerPete
    @Delenn, but the cheese sandwich is to complement the photo takers bottle of water and walkers baked crisps (70% less fat*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Yeah, you're right actually, the photo taker is a right tit, especially as they use twitter.
  • Skymarshall
    You buy a 'Just cheese' sandwich, what do you expect? Foxes? You're lucky to be getting bread. And not cheese encased in cheese.
  • kv
    "no mayo" = chicken sangwich this is fake

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