Chat Roulette - now Ben Folds gets in on hot piano action

The Chat Roulette piano-playing man Merton went viral last week, a happy ray of improvisational sunshine injected into the veins of a social media network that spends its days wanking like chimps. But who was this mystery man? Many people declared it to be piano-bothering popster Ben Folds, but alas it wasn't.

It seems Folds wishes he'd thought of it first, however, and so at a gig in front of 2,000 people on Saturday night, he performed a tribute to Merton. If Chat Roulette involved more of this and less dong, it'd probably find a bigger audience, or at least a fully dressed one:


  • Nobby
    I tried chat roulette, showing my face. I then tried it again showing only my erect penis. People seemed to disconnect faster when it was my face, rather than when it was my cock.
  • Chris
    LOL! Fantastic. Expect to see this happen a lot more I think.
  • goon
    i once saw 2 guys kissing in a park that was the gayest thing i ever saw until now
  • Nobby
    @goon - try lemonparty or goatse. Your view will soon change.

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