Charmin thinks you need a hand in the bathroom

If ever anybody needed a punch in the balls, it's this guy. It's an attempt to whore a new wet wipe product by Charmin, the bog roll purveyors who have struggled to establish themselves in the UK, and who clearly assume they have a customer base of people with vegetables for heads.

They can't show you the meathead wiping his shitty arse, so instead he demonstrates with toothpaste. He fails to mention that wetwipes leave your crack feeling as if somebody is fingering it for the rest of the day, but by way of compensation you get one of our favourite YouTube moments at 45 seconds in:



  • applesux
    who poops toothpaste anyway!?
  • Brians U.
    You Silly Billy, anyone with a bit of hygiene uses Toothpaste to clean their Dirthole after doing a shizer.
  • tits
    Looks good - i'll be buying it.
  • Esarty
    I fear for that man's arse if he presses as hard down there as he does on the wipe using the Freshmate.
  • Jack T.
    Who wants fresh mates wiping their arse?
  • goon
    just lick the toothpaste off. also poo.
  • Dave T.
    Bath tissue?
  • Paul
    What the cunt is "dry bath tissue"?
  • ElBuc
    Why does he say Sharmin when the ad goes "Cha cha cha cha Charmin" with a CH like in choice?
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    £5 to whovever licks the pop up button after a fortnights use.
  • gravy
    It's called a tap you daft bugger. Use it.
  • Arse W.
    So he wipes the majority away with the toilet tissue, then removes the minor remains with this supposed wonder cloth?!? In a role reversal, I'm getting behind the toilet tissue on this. F F F Fuck-Off Charmin.
  • kidlazy
    Whaat the fuck is wrong with people these days?wet asswipes?
  • wyatt
    Very good I like it much.

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