Charlie's Chocolate Factory cover rumpus

charlie chocolate Penguin raised eyebrows and the temperatures of piss of internet users yesterday, when they revealed a new book cover.

They'd teased it on their Facebook page, asking followers and likers to guess which 'tasty tale' it was, with such heavy handed clues as 'golden tickets'.

Most people thought it might belong to one of the smuttier end of the classics, such as Lolita or Valley of the Dolls.

However when it was revealed to belong to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, people ERUPTED IN FURY and said things like 'FAIL' (which we thought was a bit last decade, but apparently still holds kudos as an internet insult for some).

The children's classic is being published as a Penguin Modern Classic for the first time as part of its 50th birthday, and features what could be either Veruca Salt or Violet Beauregarde.

The Penguin Blog, helpfully says of the new image: "...looks at the children at the centre of the story, and highlights the way Roald Dahl’s writing manages to embrace both the light and the dark aspects of life."

We're assuming that having some light and dark chocolate, representing, like, 'the light and the dark' would've been far too obvious than some creepy, dead-eyed child.


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