Charity donation outrage over at GiffGaff HQ

...GiffGaff users, yesterday...

Cheap mobile tariff company GiffGaff (who claim to be independent yet run by the o2 family) had some problems recently which resulted in outage for many of their customers which lasted just under 8 hours.

Sure, bit of an inconvenience. However, as a way of saying sorry and aiming to put things right, they offered to make a £10,000 charity donation.

The CTO of GiffGaff announced - "It has been amazing to see the messages of support and the suggestions that we should make a charitable donation as a way of making up for Friday’s outage.  We therefore intend to make a £10,000 donation to a charity of your choice.  The charities are ones you nominated for Payback in December  -  to vote just use the polling buttons on the main blog page before the end of the week".

Reaction to this suggestion was very mixed and there were many cries of "we want personal compensation". One forum member even requested that Rangers Football Club somehow benefitted.

Is it really a sign of the times that even when a charity donation is suggested we still hope for some form of personal compensation? What would our individual compensation (for the loss of service) be here? Possible £2 at the most I would imagine. Or, is this the easy way out for GiffGaff? Their members have paid for a service and they have been let down by GiffGaff so they do deserve to be compensated. It could be quite a cynical view but did GiffGaff realise it would be difficult for many members to morally object to a charity donation and insist on personal compensation? The administration and compensation here would surely outweigh their suggested donation. Plus, no doubt they would get a certain amount of good press from this move.

It would be interesting to see the general consensus here. So, lets take a vote...


  • Alexis
    Fuck it. Yes it's a pain in the arse if the service you pay for goes down for a few hours, but life's too short to whinge over a couple of quid. GiffGaff could easily just do nothing (as RyanAir would do), so if somebody doing good out there gets £10k that sounds like a good thing.
  • Michael
    A £10k donation for an issue that wasn't actually their fault? (IIRC, it was a burst watermain that took out some form of infrastructure with it). They've done more than enough. As for compensation, I pay £10 for 31 days of service. For the half day service I missed out on, I'd be claiming about 16p - I can earn more than that with a few posts on their forum.
  • Sawyer
    Compensation pro rata doesn't make a lot of sense. You don't pay phone networks on a per-hour uptime basis, you pay for reliability. Would most people be willing to put up with 2 weeks every month with no phone service, for a half-price bill? I doubt it. They'd be demanding their contracts be cancelled. What makes more sense for a one-off outage is some form of goodwill gesture. May as well give it to charity - it's a lot cheaper than giving any meaningful amount to the customers.
  • Rishi s.
    Giffgaff showed that even though all they have to do is keep a few servers up to account for the usage they could not eve do this. They are not a network provider, but simply piggy back on O2. I can bet you that the hosting company who got flooded where giffgaff was hosting was compensated by thier insurer or the local water company, who then in turn compensated giffgaff, but that giffgaff choose not to do right bu thier customer. Giffgaff choose to on purpose have no redundancy in favour of greater profits, ao why should rhey not compensate thier customers for this cock up?
  • Geoff d.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Sicknote
    Giffgaff is a cheap as fuck operation and when pay fuck all you expect fuck all.
  • tin
    LOL! as if any of the other providers are any better. We all know for instance that the Orange entire SMS system is a single 486 stuck in the corner of their first comms room, and falls on it's arse from time to time. As if they admit/compensate/give a shit really when it doesn't work for a bit!
  • Pete
    I'm so glad I left this abortion of a company... For 4 months in a row I would be unable to top up. Not only unable to top up, but then when I could top up it wouldn't register as being in my account. So for 3days a month I'd be unable to use my phone be abuse as far as giffgaff was concerned it had no credit. Their "agents" are worse than useless, normally hitting the 'solved' button. Without even replying. And of course, any mention of problems on the forum or down talking their services or complaining about the useless agents was just greeted with people glossing over it with "well they are cheap". Cheap and useless. The donation to charity, while good will not put anyone at ease it won't happen again... (another f**k up will though... It's giffgaff..) but hey... At least their cheap... *whimsical thumbs up*
  • Happy U.
    As usual the typical moaning Brit wants more than a pint of blood for an error that is no fault of Giff Gaff. If you are that effing greedy why not put in a claim for you compo with the waterboard, at least you can make some use of the free time that you have with your expensive smart phones that your (tax payers) benefits get you. For f*** sake the £10k donation is more than enough and as pointed out you'd be lucky to get anything from any other company as outrages and non direct faults are to be expected from time to time. Read your terms of use you numb nuts. You can bet these same moaners are the ones that expect every miss price to be honoured all because 'it iz legal ya know they took ma giro money'
  • Liam
    This is why I left GiffGaff. I loved their pricing, but their reliability is piss poor. I'm on Vodafone which is way expensive, but you need a balance. After having a Three dongle, I think I will be moving to Three as they seem to have a happy medium.
  • needawee
    i misread and thought it said 'outrage'. I was imagining all the giffgaff customers being mad for 8 hours. Ha Ha!
  • Yao c.
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