Channel Five Coming to FreeSat

Missing some Paul Merton action in India, or wanting to watch the live Uefa cup matches for free?  BBC/ITV FreeSat has announced that channel five will be added to the platform beginning November 18. Freeview has 40+ popular channels like Five, Five US, and high definition (HD) channels to be available from 2009, while Freesat features over 70 TV channels that are broadcast nationwide with HD channels.  These free-to-air platforms are currently the only way to get HD content without paying a subscription fee. All that is required is the coinciding digital reception equipment.

The addition of Five to BBC/ITV is a move toward offering similar channels to Freeview. Programmes from BBC and ITV are already available in high definition (HD) on the freesat platform.  (EDIT: Five is not available in HD yet. Thanks, Andrew!).

If you're currently a freesat customer, you will automatically receive Five on channel 105 on your integrated digital TV in less than a couple of weeks, bringing shows like Neighbours and CSI to your big screen.



  • David P.
    Eh? I have freesat and don't get any HD channels?! Would this be because it is provided by Sky?
  • Andrew P.
    This is a rather confusing announcement; there are currently NO HD channels on Freeview. The Channel Five being added to Freesat isn't HD. Fiver and Five US aren't HD in any case. Good to see Five on Freesat though.
  • Vince W.
    David, thanks for your comments - do you have a Sky HD receiver? A Sky HD receiver without a Sky subscription should pick up roughly the same channels as a Freesat HD receiver, in my understanding. Benefit with FreeSat is free PVR facilities with the right equipment. Andrew - yep your'e right, the announcement was somewhat confusing, because like you say Five is not yet available on HD. The reference was to BBC + ITV HD channels, and Freeview HD is announced to be launched from 2009. I've reclarified now. Thanks!
  • david
    can any body give out the frequency listings for ch5/freesat so that none pretuned sat receivers can be manually set up,have tried all the common sites but no info,many thanks

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