Central heating goes back to basics

After your DVD boxsets of Andromeda, radiators are perhaps the drabbest items in your house. Not anymore. Italian company Scirocco have created Brick - a Lego casing made from aluminium that hides away the copper pipes and aluminium plates contained within. Yes, you do get to put the giant Lego pieces together, just like the real stuff. No, you're unlikely to get some stuck up your nose and take a trip to casualty with your mum.

Brick LEGO radiator keeps nerds warm [slipperybrick]


  • Dave
    Its not really a casing as such - it is a radiator. You buy the radiator. You don't buy the casing and then fit it to any old radiator. Just to make the article a litter clearer....
  • Andre
    This is wicked, good for a fun pad and something different! Wait for it i knew my years of lego building would come in useful...no more plumbers...just legomen...then no builders...lego houses! :D
  • jen
    Hurrah it'll match with my recently acquired lego earrings! Love it.
  • Slim J.
    Dave - WTF is "litter clearer?" It's a radiator not a vacuum cleaner! If you're going to troll a website with pedantic bullshit, at least make an effort with your spelling you dick. Ha ha ha ha!
  • Dave
    I think that your language is a little inappropriate don't you?
  • Andre
    who and the hostility over one littler typo!

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