CDiscount inspires consumers with new logo, surprisingly fails

So your company has gone to the wall with not inconsiderable debts of over £8 million, and the people you owe the most cash to are your parent company which owns half the business. Bugger. And since nothing spreads faster than bad news, are now in the precarious position of having to continue trading as a going concern in an attempt to attract a buyer, while hoping customers trust the business won't be wound-up the moment they place an order. Bugger again.

How do you fire up people to take a chance on buying your products? How do you keep whatever revenue you have from drying up overnight? You get a spanking new logo that's what - a logo lets the world know you're still in the game and you're not going anywhere, no matter what anybody say. Something like this, then:

Bitterwallet - "in provisional liquidation"

Because nothing says "we won't go tits up if you give us your money" quite like "in provisional liquidation".


  • SJT
    Couldn't believe it until I saw it. Do you think anyone might be reassured by that!?
  • matt
    haha love it tossers, who in thier right mind would
  • Vince
    Why don't they just take the website down. No one can buy anything anyways, what's the point of having people go through the process and then seeing their order rejected in the final stage...
  • Wibble
    There's no way I'm buying anythnig from them until their website states that it is being run by Administrators, which is the ONLY way to ensure that you will get your goods. Until then, keep away from their website!! Delivery companies who are owed money are likely to keep hols of your goods IF they exist at all...
  • My P.
    I got fucked over by powerhouse the day they first went bust (bought a fridge freezer for cash to be delivered) and am still waiting for moneys back, at least with cdiscount they do give you a slight warning.
    Its a bit weird really - I posted about the new logo on HUKDs yesterday. However the site isn't being updated - the email newsletter has stopped, and if you actually try and buy anything, they won't yet you anyway. I also got a reply from a CS rep who stated that because of the situation, they do not expect to be able to take any new orders for the forceeable future. Which makes you wonder... why is the site live at all?
    • Andy D.
      @TVDBP - you posted about it on HUKD but didn't bother telling us? I'm deducting one of your marks from True Or False Friday. TWO OUT OF THREE FOR YOU!
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. My mother says, "as long as you pay with Access, MasterCard or Visa you will be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act". I believe her, rather than the crap posted here.
  • fullmoon
    I knew it. Dodgy company will end up like this. I bought a 32" LG TV from them for £229 while it is on offer+voucher codes(Thanks to HUKD). Shockingly, cdiscount cancelled the order without informing me. They said the security check on my card failed. I never had a single problem with ompany before. In fact, they did managed to take the money out from my account. I even double checked with my bank they said the payment indeed went through without a problem. The truth is they don't want to sell the TV for that price and never informed me about the cancellation . They are the real wankers. I was so pissed off.
  • Exactly
    Brian your mother needs to remember that s75 applies provided that the cash price of the item is over £100 and under £30k. If she does not then she blows goats. Allegedly.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I am a prick.
  • brians m.
    i do blow goats
  • Jeff
    This is too farcical to be true!! why dont they close the site down??
  • jonstorm
    Dam, where will i go now to buy flat-pack furniture with only half the bits of wood in it, followed by a customer service system that decides i'm lying and sends me a single plank? My Christmas shopping experiences are all ruined!!
  • Sean
    Maybe the person who designed the logo thought... "hey, we're is gonna disappear anyway why not have a funny catchphrase to remember us by?"" I'm glad I avoided buying anything from these people.
  • Frum
    As a customer, this was the best retailer ever.In last six months, I must have bought some £2000 worth of gear for less than £800 due to their various wacky and weird discount codes. For instant I bought a Sony Viao laptop during the Ashes Test match offer for around £350 -normal retails price around £750. Evusu jeans for £15 (£180). Kalvin Kline Shirts £10(£40). Shure head phones around £20(£50). However, if I was a share holder, I'd be fuming at these morons giving stuff away for next to nothing. As much as I enjoyed shopping with them, you could tell from the beginning this was going to go tits up any minute.
  • Alan
    I am not surprised. what a crap Company to deal with.

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