'Catfight Saturday' coming to Britain as cheap Choo shoes go on sale

choo-comp_1507305c Bitterwallet smells a catfight a-comin’ – with cheap Jimmy Choo shoes as the star prize.

H&M are lining up the mother of all girl-on-girl showdowns when an affordable collection of the Choo shoes (and other Choo clobber) goes on sale in 16 of their stores at 9am on Saturday November 14th.

The range will include more than 40 pieces of girl gear including clothing and handbaggage along with the shoes, with most of it available for a knock-down price under £100.

The demand is expected to be phenomenal with Choo fanatics set to queue up all night in a bid to buy some of the items. Keen to avoid an all-out woman war, H&M will be issuing wristbands to the first 160 people in the queue. They will then get ten minutes in the stores’ VIP Choo area in groups of 20 and will be limited to purchasing one item per size.

The participating stores will be London's Covent Garden; Knightsbridge; Kensington High St; Regent St; Oxford St; Westfield; Brent Cross. Birmingham Bullring; Bluewater; Brighton; Cardiff; Glasgow; Manchester's Market St & Trafford Centre; Newcastle; Dublin; Dundrum.

eBay will probably be flooded with the stuff by lunchtime on the 14th.


  • Mark M.
  • Deepz
    I wonder if this is limited to females only.
  • John N.
    "H&M are lining up the mother of all girl-on-girl showdowns ..." sure you don't mean S&M ? :-)
  • NobbyB
    They should start at 12.00pm or maybe even 5.00pm, so that the public can see the spectacle of loads of women desperate for knocked down shoes. It could even teach young girls what could happen to them if they get a passion for designer shoes in the sales. I don't really get the limit of one item per size. Surely they will buy their own size, then loads of other sizes to flog on ebay.
  • Tiny S.
    @ NobbyB, we are talking females here, what makes you think they are capable of logical thought processes - especially when it comes to shoes :-)
  • caroline
    Typical stupid men makin stupid comments, wt the HELL do u know????? Jimmy Choos r THE best ever n 2 get em so cheap is like a dream
  • cheaper S.
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