Cat fur jewellery - surely 2011's biggest seller

Cats – surely one of mankind’s greatest ever inventions. So much so that the Egyptians used to worship them until something happened and they stopped, but that’s not for us to dwell upon.

We feast on their meat, we drink their milk, we even plug their cold, dead eyes into the roads so that we can see better at night. But now the humble cat is being used as a source of jewellery.


Cat enthusiast Kate Benjamin has pioneered a range of jewellery that has been fashioned from the discarded furballs of her feline companions and we think you’ll agree that they’re beautiful. Fortunately, it isn’t the coughed-up furballs that she’s used – that would be disgusting and weird.

enhanced-buzz-5843-1305393911-13Kate says that making the jewellery takes practice and that the top tip is to keep the fur in a loose pile before felting otherwise you could end up with odd-shaped beads – which is practically suicide in the cat fur jewellery business.

You might want to order some of Kate’s furball jewellery from her or you might think there’s a gap in the UK market for it and start rounding up cats in your big van in the dead of night. Or you might just prefer to pretend that this whole thing never even happened… whatever happens, we're all winners.

[NY Daily News]

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