Cash4Gold set their legal dogs on blogging critics

2 September 2009
"We'll give you a tenner for it. Okay then, eleven quid."

A couple of months ago, we reported that heavyweight US gold-buying company Cash4Gold (we reckon they mi$$ed the chance to drop a dollar sign in there) were setting up a gold-melting tepee in the UK and offering skint punters the chance to trade in their unwanted gold for top prices.

Trouble is, it’s all starting to go a bit sour for Cash4Gold and their American wing has started firing out legal threats against the Consumerist website and a whistleblower who spilled the beans about some of the company’s practices and the way they make their money, namely offering scandalously low amounts for the gold belonging to their unsuspecting, and in some cases, ignorant customers.

This follows another incident when a writer who had been critical of Cash4Gold was offered money if he would tone down the negative article he had penned about them. Presumably if the company didn’t wheel out their legal big guns, it’s safe to assume that Cash4Gold will offer you one third of the actual price of your gold as alleged in the piece.

Finally, here’s their UK ad (below), and we think you’ll agree it’s classy stuff. Cash4Gold then. Probably best if you avoid them.


  • -Mike H.
    If you aren't happy with our free valuation, we'll send back your gold* *£50 Delivery charge
  • Nigel
    Your paying for the simplicity of the service. In much the same way as envirophone give you less than the market value for your phone. it's your choice... put a bit of effort in and sell it for more or put little effort in and sell it for less.
  • Neil
    Work for Cash4Gold by any chance Nigel?
  • Tom
    How do stupid people get gold in the first place?
  • Steve G.
    Surely alarm bells must have been ringing the second that someone was offering to take away your gold for GBP that has slowly been declining over the years. It seems like C4G is a way of taking away long term investment for short term cash, which they can make a profit out of whilst giving idiots a small amount of money to spend on shoes or something. You'd think with all the money they're making from the service they could make better adverts than the ones they currently show... which show idiots dancing around a mansion sticking piles of watches into a bag. I guess they figure that being blunt about it means that those who fall for it REALLY get what they deserve.
  • More b.
    Another bullshit non story, if you are stupid enough to not research the value of an item before selling it then you deserve everything you get or don't as the case may be.
  • Ted K.
    Here is the key thing about all of these companies, if you want quick money you go to a company like If you want to bargain go to a jewelry stroe or pawn shop. One thing know one seems to mention is that Cash4Gold is the only company that let's you wait 12 days to cash the check, known of the other companies I looked up do that, so if people are pissed off why cash the check. The chicks that worked at Cash4Gold maybe didn't get a little cash and got pissed off and quit, who knows but if you're smart why would someone go after a company like that unless they got screwed and had sour grapes, people wake up. I actually buy gold and understand the market a smart consumer would get some appraisials before they make a decision.
  • Cash4gold c.
    [...] If you type cash4gold uk, you get a different set of results - the stories about criticisms of cash4gold and its court case are missing, apart from one from a UK site. [...]
  • martin
    I reckon BW missed a trick here. You should have slammed cash4gold a lot harder, perhaps they'll offer you some cash to tone it down. Me? I'm gonna start a blog slating loads of dodgy companies and hope they offer me cash to shut up.
  • Have B.
    [...] one of the major players in the growing flog-your-gold-by-post industry. Not only have they attempted to sue a whistleblower who revealed some of their dubious business policies, they have also tried to buy the silence of a [...]
  • cookie
    LOL, they have MC Hammer promoting them on their website though.. How can you hate them now?
  • Nicola Q.
    Stole my diamond earring, then admitted receving it, didnt send it back, then had the cheek to offer me £25 for even though I had it valued at £250 before i sent it off. Then they actually denied it was a diamond. I am taking them to court unless they settle £250
  • sales c.
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