Cash from Christ

PythonGod The Church has started on a new path as a payday loan provider!

Well, not quite, however the Church Credit Champions Network has been set up as an alternative to craphawks such as Wonga.

Set up by Sir Hector Sants, the CCCN should genuinely transform the lives of people, and make the church a little bit more relevant in the community.

Aimed at promoting community-based financial services, it is to be piloted in Southwark, Liverpool and London Church of England dioceses.

Hector says:

"This is a grass roots initiative that will only succeed with the enthusiasm and engagement of the local church. Central to this engagement will be the flexibility to adapt to local circumstances and the willingness to learn from all as we go along."

"I am confident that the successful implementation of the Church Credit Champions Network will equip churches to be even more relevant to their local communities, and transform the lives of the many people we hope will be served as a result."

The scheme was launched after the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, said last year that he wanted to drive pay day lenders out of business through the creation of credit unions.

Amen! And if you don't make your repayments, they'll send the Inquisition round.

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