Cancel your T-Mobile contract - have you contacted Ofcom yet?

[UPDATE 16/9 - we've now published a full guide to help you cancel your T-Mobile contract. You'll find it here.]

It's interesting to compare the reaction to T-Mobile's planned changes to roaming charges, to that when Orange attempted to proceed with charge hikes. The difference (aside from the nature of the changes) seems to be a lack of preparation; Orange were entirely inconsistent when customers asked to cancel without fee - if one operator said no, you phoned back and found another that said yes. Success stories galvanised customer resolve and ultimately forced Orange to reverse their decision.

Perhaps T-Mobile saw how Orange floundered in the face of customer backlash, because they've gone about matters very differently. Every operator to date has stuck to the script - "the customer has no rights in this matter" - and refused to enter into a dialogue. This lack of acknowledgment seems to have led customers to the inescapable conclusion that T-Mobile must be correct and able to increase roaming charges by up to 120% without retribution.

We don't agree. Later today, we'll talk you through their contract and how it stands up to consumer law - consumer law trumps a contract on any day of the week. We'll also provide letter templates and advice so that if you wish to, you can take your fight further.

For now, we need to get the attention of Ofcom concerning this matter - if the regulator becomes involved, T-Mobile will have to take notice.

  • have you used roaming services while in your current contract? If you have, then you have grounds to argue that any significant increases will cause financial detriment. If you haven't but are due to use your phone abroad, there's still an argument the charges are unfair.
  • call T-Mobile customer services and say you are cancelling your contract
  • if they say there's an early cancellation charge, tell the rep you believe their T-Mobile's behaviour may be unfair as cited by The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 and Ofcom guidelines. Ask for the name of the operator and their duty supervisor.
  • call Ofcom on 0300 123 3333 and speak to their advisory team. Make a complaint giving all the details you have; ask what action Ofcom will be prepared to take.


  • bykergrove
    when the hell is "cancel your o2 contract" article going to come out dammit!?!
  • The B.
    Seriously though, where would people on T-Mobile go once they'd cancelled their contract? It's all students, the unemployed and those with low credit ratings that no one else will accept.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Rubbish. I went with T-Mobile because they had the best offer on the touch diamond 2 for the exact usage pattern I have (low minutes, average texts, unlimited data). Their contracts are good value, but not when they play tricks like this.
  • MickeyB
    There will never be a "Cancel your o2 contract" post as o2 aren't dicks.
  • Jeffrey A.
    MickeyB - you'll be ever so happy to know that there was a "Cancel your o2 contract" issue in 2007 (for which I cancelled two o2 contracts), as ironically, o2 are the biggest dicks around.
  • R S.
    T-Mobile WILL have to allow people who have incurred roaming charges in the past to cancel now for FREE, just a matter of time. Thanks bitter wallet for trying your best to acheive this, keep up the battle!
  • bykergrove
    cancel your o2 contract part 2 anyone? I have o2 open thingy at work now but got 9 months on my current contract :(((((((((((((((((
  • Mike
    Seeing as T Mobile can make changes to contracts, perhaps customers should start doing to the same. Just send T Mobile a message stating that from 1st October all messages will be free on your contract and if they call you just say theres nothing you can do to help.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Good idea Mike! I'd love to see someone try it. My T-Mobile contract is half price anyway through Family & Friends discount so I don't think I have much right to complain!
  • Paul S.
    We've now published a full guide to help you cancel your T-Mobile contract. You'll find it here:
  • Will s.
    [...] Cancel your T-Mobile contract – have you contacted Ofcom yet … [...]
  • kevin g.
    paul, is your advice re cancelling with t-mobile still current? cheers kevin

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