Can you guess what it is yet - REVEALED

Bitterwallet - can you guess what it is yet - REVEALED

Earlier today, we showed you a curious container of pale blue liquid, and asked for your thoughts on what it could possibly be. Your guesses came in thick and fast, but mostly thick.

It's the 119 Sat fire extinguisher - simply lob the container into a small contained fire, and the chemical reaction releases carbon dioxide which suffocates the flames. Ideal for idiots who can't work a traditional extinguisher, but rubbish for the majority of girls. Order yours today. Or don't. Up to you, really.

As promised, all those who guessed correctly may form an orderly queue at Mof's desk.

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    oh, so that's what happened to my shed when I left it in the B&Q car park last Tuesday. I only left it there for half an hour and when I came back it was all charred inside.

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