Can you gauge the world economy by the price of a pint?

Since the British Pound is getting a bloody good hiding from the likes of the Dollar and the Euro, we recently recommended to you a list of holiday destinations where value for money was less a fantasy, more a practicality.

But how can you decisively define a concept such as value in this instance? Is it the degree to which the experience of travel enriches your life? Or how your perception of global culture can be enhanced? Nope. Value is all about how much a pint costs. End of. So if you don't already own a hat, buy one immediately and doff it in the general direction of

The site compares the price of a pint in towns and cities across 207 countries; users can update the prices where necessary. If your idea of a holiday is drinking until you pass out in a foreign toilet cubicle, then this is the site for you. Even if it's not, then for those just curious as to how the economy stands when measured by ale, here's the top most affordable countries in terms of beer:

1. Myanmar - £0.31
2. Rwanda - £0.32
3. Bhutan - £0.36
4. Madagascar - £0.38
5. Ghana - £0.40

And the five least alcoholic-friendly destinations:

1. Norway - £5.84
2. Greenland - £5.00
3. Guadaloupe - £4.80
4. France - £4.51
5. Iceland - £4.29

We're not sure about that price for Iceland; unless beer was ludicrously expensive six months ago, we thought you'd be able to buy the bar for that.

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