Can you beat Scotland's loudest tap?

Can you beat this? This tap, over in Scotland, is unseasonably loud. It almost sounds like something you could play as a horrible instrument.

Scott Walker will probably have it on his next LP.


  • Joulupukki
    Any coincidence that it sounds like those fucking godawful bagpipes?
  • Big M.
    Heroin supper, £2.99.
  • Justme
    It's called "water hammer" I think. I had to live with it too, in NHS accommodation (in Oxford) and it started quickly driving me mental. Did the landlords care or do anything about it? Did they f---.
  • fibbingarchie
    Still doesn't sound as irritating as the laugh of the twat recording it.
  • tom
    fibbingarchie try turing your stop cock off a little and keep turning till it stops.
  • tom
    Justme * not fibbingarchie

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