Calls for sugar tax delay

Calls for sugar tax delay

With the sugar tax coming our way, the UK's food and drink industry has asked the government to delay their plans.

How come? Well, they think that a sugar tax is going to add an “unwelcomed burden" on an industry which has already been hit by the consumer discomfort after the EU Referendum.

Ian Wright - not that one - the director general of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) is backed by sugar vendors behind Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé, has launched a manifesto which he thinks will help the sector deal with the “UK's most significant challenge ever."

The tax is set to come into play in April 2018.

Wright says: "Government has an obligation to act quickly to support confidence and competitiveness – and to provide reassurance and stability," and would add an "unwelcome additional burden on a hard-pressed industry at a moment of crisis."

"It seems to me inconceivable that the small number of civil servants with expertise in excise duties within HMRC would, at this time, be working on the sugar levy and not on the replacement for the customs union."

Not only that, Wright thinks that this sugar levy isn't based on good evidence, and not "the least-bit effective".

However, the Chancellor thinks that this tax will raise somewhere in the region of £520 million.

Looks like the idea is not to stop people from having loads of sugar, but rather, to make some money from the amount everyone eats and drinks.

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  • sweetie

    A bag of sugar lasts for an indefinite period.

    I must go out and buy a tonne of it.

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